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Passive smoking is a smoking where the individual himself is not smoking but is partially affected by the other who is smoking around him. Passive smoking is as dangerous as active smoking, since all the harmful particles easily enter into the body. This causes breathing disorders, cardio-vascular diseases and sometimes serious diseases like asthma, lungs cancer, impotence in males and can damage the capillaries in women. By ensuring some simple steps in daily routine, one can easily come out of this serious problem.

Switch to these steps

  • Stay away from passive smoking

If someone is smoking around you, inspire them to quit smoking or ask them to go away from public spaces.

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  • Water – A natural detoxifier

Drink lots of water, it helps to purify your body internally hence recover your body from the harmful effects of smoking and give an extra boost up.

  • Ginger and Garlic

Ginger and garlic are not only used to add flavour in the food but also have many medicinal properties. They help in reducing the urge of smoking, to overcome nausea and prop up the respiratory system.

  • Lime

Lime acts as an anti-infective agent. It’s an anciently used non-toxic alternative for smoking. It is mixed with nicotine gums that decrease the urge of smoking. Apart from this it has many side benefits too.

  • Omega rich products

Omega acid helps to repair the tissues that are damaged by smoking. It also improves the immune system. Organic omega products don’t have any side effects.

  • Herbal tea

Herbal tea helps to cough up the coagulated mucus that gets clotted in the lungs as a result of smoking. It also gives many other benefits that lead you to a healthy life.

  • Vitamins

Food containing vitamins (A, C and E) helps to reenergize your body and clean the toxic elements faster hence makes you healthy. It decreases the urge of nicotine and makes one to quit smoking faster. You can go for organic vitamin supplements also.

  • Breathe fresh air

Try to start your day with a morning walk and breathe in fresh air. It helps in increasing the oxygen level in body hence reduces the effects of smoking. Have a cup of organic green tea for improved results.

  • Work out on a daily basis

Start exercising regularly especially breathing exercise. It will help mend your body faster. You can switch to yoga, it will also help you out.

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