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Honey has been dubbed as the elixir of Gods, and not without reason.  The golden brown hue, the fact that it is actually the nectar from flowers transformed by bees, as if by magic, does bequeath an enchanting aura to honey. The bottle of honey lying on your kitchen shelf contains a treasure chest of benefits. Here’s a look at five of the best known benefits of honey:

1) Natural Energy Drink

Struggling to fight off plummeting energy levels? Honey can be your go to energy drink. It is composed of natural sugars that are easily absorbed by the body as well as some amounts of antioxidants, enzymes, minerals etc  

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2)  Soothes Cough And Sore Throat

Regular cough and sore throat giving you trouble? The anti-inflammatory properties of honey will not only soothe cough and sore throats but also kill some of the bacteria responsible for these conditions. If you use honey for soothing your throat, you are in hallowed company since this is the remedy used by many professional singers.

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3) Helps Boost Memory

Honey is loaded with antioxidants which are the magic chemicals that help prevent cell damage. Regular use of honey will surely help in reducing the memory loss associated with damaged brain cells due to aging.

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4)  Helps In Wound Healing

Research has shown that the topical application of honey is effective treatment for wounds and burns. The antibiotic properties of honey help in making wounds sterile and speed recovery.

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5)  Helps Get Rid Of Skin And Scalp Infections

Studies have shown that application of crude honey (diluted with water) helps in relieving dermatitis as well as dandruff. So use honey for glowing skin and beautiful hair.

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Heading for the bottle of honey already? Wait we saved the best for the last. Did you say we set out to mention only 5 benefits? Well, we are feeling quite generous, so here is one bonus benefit for all you party revellers

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Honey is a mix of natural sugars like fructose which fastens the oxidation of alcohol by the liver and thus is the perfect remedy for getting rid of your post celebration hangovers.

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