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With a world often torn between the global pandemic and the surge of Disney+ releases, the looming threat of lung cancer often remains unnoticed by many. However, worrisome, this is an immediate matter that needs tending to.

Lung cancer can be a silent killer, waiting to strike until it is too late. And therefore, it is very important to detect this life threatening condition as soon as possible. Camouflaged amid coughs and small wheezes, many often dismiss it as something minor.

Causes of lung cancer

There are many culprits that can cause lung cancer in humans. From smoking to air pollution, there are plenty of killers. And with the rising pollution levels of cities, each breath is laden with these tiny particulate matter particles that carry the potential seeds of lung cancer.

The importance of lung cancer screening

Lung cancer screening is a medical marvel that allows doctors to peer through the body and detect the malady in its very early stages. Using advanced imaging technology, doctors now can find even the most elusive tumour in the bronchial passages.

When detected at an early stage, it can be curable with the right medical intervention. And possible only through regular screening, can you open the door to a plethora of treatment options, from surgical excisions to targeted therapies. This not only helps to detect the threat early, but medical professionals too, are able to come up with the right treatment for the best results. And with this knowledge, you too should be able to start a proactive lifestyle to fortify yourself from lung cancer in the future.

What to look for?

Symptoms in the early stages of lung cancer can vary depending on the individual. From the unassuming cough to the breathlessness, many would be foolish to dismiss them as something minor. Lung cancer, in its capricious nature, cares not for our presumptions of invincibility.

Ensure to get even the slightest of symptoms checked out with your family physician and opt for proper lung cancer screening.


Delaying the screening is just like pushing the snooze button on that inevitable alarm clock. So, don't let the present comfort of the moment deter you from the urgency of lung cancer screening; it is an illusion that veils the urgency of preemptive action.


Frequently asked questions

What are the main causes of lung cancer?

Lung cancer has been a growing threat and many factors contribute to its rise. Some of the most common causes include smoking and air pollution.

Is lung cancer curable?

Like most other forms of cancer, lung cancer is curable if it is detected in its early stages. Chances diminish as the cancer progresses.

What is the importance of lung cancer screening?

Since lung cancer is curable if detected in its early stages, lung cancer screening is key in detecting the threat early.

When should I get a lung cancer screening done?

If you smoke or live in a high-pollution area, consider getting the screening done once or twice a year to be safe.


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