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Saif Ali Khan, also known as the ‘ChhoteNawab’ of Bollywood thanks to his royal pedigree, is one of the leading actors of the Hindi film industry. With decades of work experience and a variety of roles under his belt, he is a seasoned actor. Yet, Saif manages to look as young as ever and has a level of fitness that is the envy of many young men!

But did you know that Saif’s new healthy lifestyle came after he received a major jolt health wise? Yes, the Nawab of Pataudi suffered a heart attack even before he turned 40. He started experiencing heart-related problems right from the young age of 32. He attributes this to his excessive smoking at the time, a habit that he started at 16 in a bid to look cool and one which he got quickly addicted to. Saif had to be hospitalized and treated for his cardiovascular problems, and had to undergo surgery and many rounds of hospitals.

This sudden turn of events prompted Saif to rethink his lifestyle, and he decided to start working on his health and fitness, to counter the effects long-term smoking had had on his system.

Saif Ali Khan has gone the healthy way through a combination of a strict exercise regime and a balanced diet. On the workout front, he starts off with a light warm-up followed by stretching and skipping. Following this, he either practices yoga with his wife KareenaKapoor or burns some calories and tones his body through kickboxing.

Saif is careful about what he eats, and ensures that all his 6 meals are balanced, nutritious and healthy ones. Following his nutritionist’s advice, he opts for food that is high on energy and low on fat, and contains the essential nutrients that his body requires.

Saif is taking care of himself and ensures that he doesn’t have cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks in the future. Why don’t you safeguard yourself from these problems too? Prevention is easy – you can reduce the risk of heart diseases just by exercising regularly and including a few beneficial foods in your daily intake.

Start your day on a healthy note with a glass of fruit juice to flush out toxins and harmful substances from your body. Eat a satiating bowl of muesli for breakfast that will not only keep you full for longer but also provides you with a significant amount of fiber that is good for your heart. Snack on healthy nuts and dry fruits through the day when you get hunger pangs between meals. Nuts like almonds and walnuts are extremely heart friendly while dry fruits, especially berries, are a powerhouse of heart-healthy phytonutrients and soluble fiber.

Accompany these healthy snacks with a cup of green tea, which has immense antioxidant benefits and prevents any clogging of your arteries. Last but not the least, you now have a valid excuse to indulge in chocolate. Dark chocolate is known to regulate your blood pressure levels and improve your wellness levels significantly.


So, go ahead and be heart healthy!


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