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Owing to the extensive research carried to find out options that might benefit the heart the most, a group of researchers related to the Academy of Natural Sciences have come up with findings that correspond to a Mediterranean dietUntil now, researchers were perplexed about the healthy heart Mediterranean diet in spite of its high fat content. When Organic Olive Oil was studied in more depth, , the researchers were able to isolate the facts that related to the healing potential of Organic Olive Oil. The properties comprise healing properties especially targeted to the heart. In essence, researchers have found that a diet rich in Organic Olive Oilhas a very high potential to prevent heart attack and stroke.

How to Ensure that You are Consuming the Best Organic Olive Oil for Optimal Heart Health

 It is essential to understand that there are several variety of Olive Oils available in the market. In this context, it is essential to note that the market is also flooded with olive oils that have been extracted through chemical means or diluted with lower quality oils, which might not even be extracted from olives. Besides, the olives might not be organically cultivated, thereby producing lower quality crop and failing to impart the healing qualities to the Olive oil.

It is the purest quality of Organic Olive Oil that has high nutritive value; due to its natural properties it is beneficial for the heart. When Organic Olive Oil is prepared, care is taken to seal all the qualities of Olive itself. Organic Olive Oil is extracted by cold pressing the olives until the oil comes out of them.

Therefore, only Organic Olive Oil that is processed under strict standards is likely to contain the healing qualities for the health of our heart. This method of extracting Olive Oil from organically grown olives is best for the heart, a rich antioxidant, a source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and a medium for plenty of Vitamin E and Vitamin K. Loaded with these beneficial compounds, Organic Olive Oil is the prime option in our diet that can prevent and control heart disease and related ailments.


What is the best Way to Consume Organic Olive Oil for the Health of the Heart

Organic Olive Oil by itself is high in content of good fats that promote heart health. It is found to be rich in monounsaturated fatty acids which do not clog the heart with cholesterol buildup. These types of good fats lower cholesterol levels and helps control the levels of insulin in the body to promote healing from Type II diabetes.

When Olive Oil is combined with salad and vegetables, it lowers blood pressure levels. Besides combining Organic Olive Oil with vegetables, nuts and fruits as well as whole grains and fish can be very beneficial for heart health. Most of the times, health experts have recommended low consumption of red meat in the Organic Olive Oil diet. It helps maintain a healthy heart without excessive buildup of cholesterol.

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