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Every individual once in their lifetime faces sleeping issues. Be it because of nightmares or excess work during the day, tiredness or stress, not sleeping at night can have harmful effects on your mental as well as physical health.

Reasons why the “much-needed sleep” doesn’t find our way:

  • Psychological problems and Emotional distress

In this cruel world, everyone tends to find solace and peace, but with the neck-to-neck competition, what comes in hand is anxiety, about the outcome of the future and depression, of losing your close ones in this rat-race or not performing up-to the mark. Other emotional or psychological causes may include stress, worry, grief and trauma.

  • Medical problems or illness

Chronic pain, diseases such as asthma, cancer, kidney disease and Parkinson’s disease can also cause problems in sleeping.

  • A poor sleep environment

Sleeping in uncomfortable places can also make your sleep go away. The mattress on your bed might be uncomfortable or the surrounding atmosphere might not be suitable for your sleep.

  • Medications

Many prescription drugs such as antidepressants, high blood pressure medications, cold and flu medications and some contraceptives induce sleeplessness.

  • Insomnia

It itself states the inability to sleep and in turn causes memory problems.

These might be some of the reasons why you find yourself incapable of sleeping. The effects of not sleeping, in return, can be really bad and harmful.

  • Serious health issues

Not sleeping for a considerate amount of time can cause diseases such as heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes.

  • Ages the skin

Not being able to sleep for a few nights in a row makes your skin sallow and gives you puffy eyes. And chronic sleep loss can altogether lead to lackluster skin, fine lines, and dark circles under the eyes.

  • Makes you Forgetful

Looks like keeping a sharp memory can be a hectic task for people lacking sufficient amount of sleep. A razor-sharp memory becomes as weak as a single matchstick if proper sleep isn’t taken.

  • Less sleep More Weight

Worried about you gaining weight? Well, lack of sleep contributes to that. Lack of sleep finds its connection to an increase in hunger and appetite which leads to obesity.

Oops, the problem of sleeping and its harmful effects scared the living daylights out of you, right?
Not to worry because we have the solution to your problem right here.

  • Yoga

Feeling a bit of pain in your knees, neck, waist or feet that doesn’t let you sleep? Well, now’s the time to include some great relaxants which will help you get your beauty sleep.

  • Make up a routine

Don’t change the timings for your bed daily. Fix up a time to sleep and follow that. No matter what happens, just sleep on the time fixed. Breathe, meditate and sleep.

  • Go to bed with a light heart and mind

Instead of taking the stress of the day to your bed and thinking about it for the whole time which should be dedicated to sleeping, leave your stress outside your bedroom and go to the bed completely free.

  • Take a warm bath before you head towards your bed

Taking a bath in lukewarm water relaxes the brain cells and helps remove the tiredness of the stressful day. So, before you head to take your sleep, don’t forget to chill out in the not-so-chilled water.

  • Wear eye masks

Block out the light which sneaks into your room from somewhere in the night. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, block out the light, and sleep.

  • Take Medicines

If prescribed by the doctor, take medicines which might induce sleep to give your body the much-needed relief it craves for.

So, to ensure no more sleep problems come up your way and leave you scared, make sure you follow these mere steps and block the problem right away.


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