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Weight should always be in accordance to your height. Less or more, problems are bound to crop up either way. Being underweight and skinny can be as harmful as being overweight. It is a signal that your body is deprived of the essential nutrients it craves for and thrives upon. Going on fatty diets to increase weight is not going to help at all. It will only cause more damage to your health. So, what is the solution then? Eating right is!

Calculate Where You Stand

Before diving into what looks like an appealing diet plan, first figure out what your position is on the BMI scale. According to that, your diet has to be formulated. There are numerous weight gain products available in the market today. Read the specifications of each of them carefully before you zero in on a particular product. Try opting for organic and natural ones as these do not bring with them a host of side effects like most conventional ones do.

Here are a few foods that you can try!

  • Nuts and Fruits

These two classes of food brim with nutrition and good health. These can add weight in a healthy manner, a little at a time. Dry fruits are yet another great option. These can be perfect for a quick bite when you are hungry and are craving unhealthy food. These are delicious as well, what more can you ask for?

  • Soy Products

The perfect vegetarian substitutes to chicken, soya products are full of protein. These can help build muscles naturally without depriving the body of the nutrition required. Some products can be a bit bland but with proper seasoning, these can make great dishes you can relish to your heart’s content.

  • Dairy Products

Milk, butter, cheese and eggs are all great additions to your diet. When consumed in limited quantities, they can help you add on weight and feed your nutrition starved body with calcium, protein and various other vital vitamins and minerals. Milk, when consumed with one or two spoons of honey before going to bed, is said to help gain weight in a healthy manner.

  • Carbohydrate Hunt

Your diet needs to contain a reasonable amount of carbohydrates to give you enough energy and help gain weight. Rice, atta and potatoes are foods that are extremely rich in carbohydrates. These can be used to make mouth-watering dishes and can be enjoyed as a part of a healthy meal.

  • Meat

Lean meat and chicken are excellent sources of protein that help gain weight gradually. Regular consumption of meat is found to boost the levels of immunity as well. These are a category of food that most body builders religiously include in their diets. If you are looking to add some muscle, here is the way to go!

Apart from all these, you will need to exercise. Just because you aren’t obese doesn’t mean you can skip this step. Exercise keeps you in the best of your health and your body becomes toned, fit and flexible too. It helps burn the extra calories and aids in the process of digestion. For some, oats help gain weight too. It is a treasure house of iron and makes the perfect breakfast.

Try to incorporate the said foods in your diet and see the difference these bring. Stay regular and focussed on your goal. Soon, you would have achieved a healthy weight with absolutely no side effects to account for.


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