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A good perfume is therapeutic and this is why, I think it is called aromatherapy. It not only  elevates your mood, it also helps you to relax, and rejuvenate, it calms you down, relieves stress and headache, it brightens your days and calms your nights and this is why you need air fresheners. Air fresheners are quite expensive, besides the store bought air fresheners are made of harsh chemicals which might have an adverse effect on your body. What if I tell you a few methods to keep your home clean and fragrant without spending too much of money? You will find all the things you need lying around in your house and a few essential oils. Together, these will fight all your airborne problems.

  1. Sprays


Things You Need

Spray bottles


Your favorite essential oil



Fill up your spray bottle with water. Add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice, I usually prefer flowery oils like rose, jasmine or geranium for the living room and citrus like orange essential oil for bathrooms. The volume of essential oil is dependent on the volume of water and the intensity of the fragrance you like. Shake the bottle really well and spray it as per your need.


  1. Cotton And Tissue


Things You Need

Cotton swabs, ear buds or q-tips,

Tissue Roll

Masking tape or cello tape

Essential oil of your choice



This is one of the best methods to remove bad odor from the bathrooms. Take a couple of cotton swabs and dip them in an essential oil of your choice. Now fasten these cotton swabs inside the tissue roll using a cello tape or behind the toilet flush. This will keep the are odorless and fragrant. For best results, I use citrus oils like orange oil, lemon oil or mild flowery scents like jasmine.


  1. Cotton Balls And Pillow Covers


Things You Need

Cotton Balls, cotton pads

Pillow Covers

Essential Oil you like



I use this method after a long tiring day at work and when I want to relax or while suffering from a cough or cold. Dip the cotton balls or cotton pads in your favorite essential oil and slip them into your pillow covers. The essential oil from the cotton balls will vaporize throughout the night, leaving the mild scent which will help you relax. If you are suffering from a cough and cold, it is advisable to dip your cotton balls in eucalyptus oil or patchouli oil. If you had a long tiring day, are too stressed and want to relax, try lavender oil, if suffering from a chronic headache, it is best to use peppermint oil.


  1. The Secret Air Freshener


Things You Need

Essential oil of your choice

A Table lamp or any lamp of your choice,



This, of all the methods, is my personal favorite. It is a great method for secretive people, trust me, your guests would be surprised with the great fragrance in your home and won’t find your air freshener, even if they check every nook and corner of your house. Just drop a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the bulb of a table lamp, side lamp or a floor lamp when it is switched off. When you switch the light on, the heat from the bulb will slowly vaporize the essential oil and make your fragrant. If your guests ask you about the fragrance, just shrug and say, “magic”, Ylang-ylang, and vanilla are the best suggestions for this method.


  1. Fragrant Jar


Things You Need

A small glass or plastic jar

Cotton balls

Essential oil you like

Cling wrap, wax paper

Hole punch machine or a sharp tool



Put the cotton balls in a small glass or plastic jar. Now pour the essential oil on the cotton balls, close the lid and shake the balls in the jar. Now cover the open mouth with a cling wrap or wax paper and punch a few holes in it. You can also punch holes in the lid of your jar. The best part of this fragrant jar is you can place it anywhere you like, living room, bedroom, washroom and even your car. Try being creative, use cinnamon oil or rosemary oil in the kitchen, orange in a washroom and romantic rose in the bedroom.


Here were a few simple tips to use the things lying idle in your home to make your home fragrant and healthy.


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