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A kidney stone that is otherwise called as renal calculus or nephrolith is a material of solid piece that is formed by minerals present in urine in the kidney. A kidney stone actually passes through a stream of urine and a small stone can easily pass without causing any kind of symptoms. But if the stone grows sufficiently large then it will cause blockage of ureter causing pain. This pain is called as renal colic and is described as one of the most painful sensation known so far. Other symptoms of this ailment include nausea, vomiting, fever, blood or pus in the urine and quite painful urination. The major risk factor of formation of kidney stone is dehydration. It is recommended that people who have had kidney stones previously must drink a lot of water so as to prevent from getting kidney stones in future as they are more prone to get affected.

The location of stones in the kidney is the basis on which kidney stones are classified. They can be present in the ureter, and the condition is called ureterolithiasis. Similarly in the bladder or in kidney and the condition is called as cystolithiasis and nephrolithiasis respectively. A painless stone needs no treatment, but a stone that causes pain must be treated soon, and the first measure that is to be taken is pain control.

There are various in which kidney stone  can be treated. Most common treatment suggested is surgery that may have side effects later on. Apart from it, there are even home remedies that can help one get rid of the kidney stone. The home remedies  that are available for its treatment are as follows:

  • Dandelion Root- It is a kidney tonic and cleanser. When taken 500 mg two times a day one can easily get rid of the stone.
  • Horsetail- Drinking up to 3-4 cups of horsetail tea daily will help getting cured of this ailment as horsetail is quite an effective home remedy.
  • Organic Celery- Celery as a seed and a vegetable is quite an effective urine promoters and kidney tonics. Taking celery seeds as spice or tea daily will help in the expulsion of a kidney stone from the urinary tract.
  • Basil- The leaf of basil is quite a good kidney toner and having basil tea on a regular basis will help to maintain a good health of kidney. People suffering from kidney stone must take basil juice, one teaspoon each, mixed with honey daily that is an effective home remedy.

These are the home remedies used for curing kidney stone that is quite an effective way. In addition to these home remedies, there are organic medicines  that help in getting rid of the ailment. These organic medicines are made from natural herbs that are effective toners and cleansers for kidney. The organic medicines for curing kidney stones are as follows:

  • Punarnava

It is a high-quality Boerhavia diffusa supplement. This product is used as a diuretic, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agent. It helps in reducing edema and maintains optimal fluid balance in the tissues.



  • UriCare


It is a proprietary herbal product that provides a healthy urinary tract. It also helps in maintaining normal urine composition and mucosal integrity. It acts as a dietary supplement that provides normal absorption and utilization for a healthy urinary tract.



  • K-Crush

K-Crush is widely used for kidney stones, crystalluria and burning micturition. Repeated occurrence of kidney stone is prevented when cured once in post-surgical cases through the usage of this product. As it is a natural organic product, there are no side effects associated to it. It helps in the dissolution of renal calculi by retaining the crystalline colloid balance.



  • Stonhills

Stonhills is a herbo product for the treatment of kidney stones . It is an ideal formula that promotes and maintains the kidney health. It also contains diuretic ingredients like Punarnava, Pashanbhed, Palash Pushpa, etc. Palash Pushpa also has diuretic properties along with the property of detoxification that helps in regulating urinary tract functions.



  • Stone Free

It is a natural way of getting freedom from all type of kidney stones with Stone Free. It has been prepared for the treatment of kidney problems, hepatic problems and gallbladder. It contains dandelion root and turmeric root that help in normal bile flow. In addition to this, it also contains parsley root and marshmallow root which helps in normal fluid elimination.



All the above products are 100% effective and organic  with no side effects. It eradicates kidney, hepatic and its associated problems quite safely.


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