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We all love getting a massage. And, if it is accompanied by a spa session, nothing works better. It releases all our stress, tension and body pain. If a simple massage session can work wonders for us, then why not for babies? It has been proven through various researches that babies who get proper massage are sharper and respond quickly and easily to the outside world.

Choosing the right oil for baby massage

During summer months, coconut oil is best for babies. It not only provides a cooling effect but also lightens the skin tone.

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However, during winters, sesame oil is a good choice. Almond oil can also be used. These oils provide warmth and thus, keep the baby safe from cold.

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Other ingredients, which can be used in place of oil are malai and besan.

Malai, besan, atta and a pinch of haldi are combined together to form a great ubtan. This concoction not only provides soft and supple skin but also improves the skin complexion. However, avoid this mixture in hot and humid weather as it may cause rashes.

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Here are some of the health benefits that are ensured by regular massage for babies:-

1. Ensures less crying time
Results of several studies done on infant massage prove that babies cry less. Yes, it is true! Massage provides them relief and relaxes the body muscles and therefore, reduces their crying time.

2. Provides proper sleep
Toddlers who receive massage on a daily basis get proper sleep. The way we feel sleepy after a good head massage or a rejuvenating spa session, babies too feel the same. Massage takes away all their body pain and makes them feel tired and so they feel sleepy. It raises the levels of serotonin and maintains rhythms of melatonin in the body, thus help ensure proper sleep cycles.

3. Ideal for weight gain
Various researches have shown that kids who receive regular massage gain weight faster. Therefore, it is advisable to massage babies twice a day. 

4. Boosts mood
Massage, on a general basis, relaxes muscles and eases stress in elders. That is why they feel happy after a good massage session. Similarly, it spreads its magic on babies as well. It ups the levels of dopamine, which is responsible for managing several expressions like aggression, mood, anger, mood, temperature and appetite.

5. Improves digestion, colic and reflux
When babies get proper massage, blood circulation increases in the body. Also, it helps in easy excretion of waste from the body. It allows the body to relieve abdominal gas and thus, prevent constipation. It speeds up the process of nervous system, thereby strengthening the reflux.

6. Relieves chest congestion

The oil used during massage penetrates deep inside the body and therefore, provides warmth. This warmth further aides in treating chest congestion.

7. Strengthens immune system

Researches done on baby massage come to a conclusion that the massage process strengthens the immune system, thus building resistance against several diseases. Also, it positively impacts the physiological process.

8. Reduces symptoms of Eczema

A UK based study proves eczema symptoms can be easily taken care of if massage is done on a regular basis. Moreover, instructors of infant massage have noticed this difference in several infant massage classes.

9. Improves coordination

Massage makes an infant’s brain sharper. It ensures good communication between the left and right side of the brain. And therefore, improves the level of intelligence.

10. Good for premature babies

If babies are born prematurely, massage is a must for them. This is so because it stimulates the vagus nerve, which is connected from the brain to other body parts, even digestive system. Therefore, it improves digestion, resulting in good health. It also makes the heart stronger and stable owing to proper blood flow. Also, it enables a stable brain function.


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