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In partnership with the Brain and the Heart, the Kidneys complete the set of most vital organs in the body. Kidney illnesses are often irreversible and lead to a quick death, which makes it very important that they are looked after with care and regularity.

The kidneys are responsible for filtering the waste out of your body. They remove all the bad stuff out of your blood and keep the concentration of minerals in your body as they should be. In addition, they help make red blood cells. It often comes as a surprise when told that they equal the heart in importance, but the aforementioned responsibilities make the case.

Many diseases work together to put your kidneys out of function. Diabetes is one common illness that can facilitate a permanent failure in your kidneys. That condition is called Chronic Kidney Disease, and must be defended against.

Nature comes to the rescue with these 5 amazing kidney-friendly foods:

  1. Cranberries

Cranberries work wonderfully against Urinary Tract Infections, which is quite a common condition. UTIs tend to affect women more than men. Initially only causing a slight discomfort, these develop at moderate pace into more serious conditions.

Cranberries stop bacteria from occupying your urinary tract. Studies have shown that cranberry juice returns positive results in this link between suppressed UTI and cranberries. UTIs are also one of those diseases which can recur, so regular consumption of cranberry juice is recommended.

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  1. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are effective for those in the early stages of Chronic Kidney Disease. They do wonders for your blood pressure, which is excellent for the kidneys because high blood pressure is disastrous for your kidneys. They go even further by fighting against diabetes. The disease, if left untreated, can lead to fatal renal failure.

It's important to regulate your intake of pumpkin seeds, however. Too much comes with its own drawbacks. Consult a doctor if necessary.

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  1. Ginger

Ginger also battles diabetes. A study in 2004 tested the effects of Ginger on the kidney when it was failing and they discovered that it offered protection against renal failure through it's anti-oxidant properties.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric is another substance which is rich in anti-oxidants. Curcuminoids, the compound it is mostly composed of, is responsible for this.

It has been discovered that turmeric is anti-inflammatory agent, which helps when the the urinary tract is suffering from an infection. It also gives it authority in defence of other kidney diseases. Here again, some defence against diabetes is offered. Turmeric reduces the Insulin level in the body, which in turn might reduce blood sugar levels.

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  1. Parsley

Parsley is commonly recommended if one wishes to clean the kidneys. We recommend caution when consuming parsley in a bid to help with kidney problems, because there exists advice both in favour and against the use of parsley to treat kidney diseases.

Parsley are mostly celebrated for their apparent ability to purify the kidneys of those substances which eventually form kidney stones. It is a natural diuretic and this can help in flushing away the toxic materials from your body.

Remember to consult a doctor. The pregnant should not take parsley - there is sufficient evidence that states that it is deterimental to their health.

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Your diet can also make a large impact on the functioning of your kidneys. Some sacrifices will have to be made in order to keep your kidneys healthy and prevent breakdown, but they are nothing compared to the sacrifices that you will have to make should your kidneys reach near complete failure. Many kidney diseases will bring that state about. Considering that a lof of kidney diseases are irreversible, it behoves you to protect your kidneys any which way you can.


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