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Why as this kind of question at first place? Is it even something to write about? I can see myself in the mirror ask my mother or friends who can easily tell me if I am too slim or too fat. One thing which should also be taken care of here is that all these people have their own conception and will not be able to give us an actual picture of our body.

Well sometimes being slim is interpreted in many ways like in our generation it’s a trend to be slim so that all those multinational companies making tight fit dresses can sell their products but is it really necessary for us to provide ourselves as a hanger to them.

For some people being too slim is not in their hands there are kinds of diseases which tends to make a person lose weight well... weight loss in this way is not healthy one of such disease is hyperactive thyroid and also some of the chronic diseases which makes you lose weight. To detect such diseases properly one should consult with a doctor.

A person’s proper weight can be measured when the proportion of his or her body with his or her height is taken out. So before coming to any conclusion about your weight and height proper measurement should be taken

So are their anyways to know rightly that weather you are too slim or fat?

Yes of course there are many ways by which you can know about the right shape size and weight for your body let us look into such ways

The perfect way to know is by the measurement of BMI basal metabolic rate the BMI is the weight divided by the square of the height.

The weight should be measured in kg not in any other measurable forms like pounds and others and the height should be measured in meters not in ft. or others.


  • If the value is less than 18.5 then you are under weight (possibly for mal nutrition or some other disease)
  • If the value is between 18.5-25 then you are normal(should be everyone’s goal)
  • If the value is between 25-30 then you are overweight(already at risk of some disease)
  • If the value is over 30 then you are obese (highly risky)

So now to keep a check on things:

(1) Calculate your BMI first.

(2) Check on a doctor who can help you calculate your BMI.

(3) Download those various apps which can help you in calculation of your BMI.

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