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Eyes are not just our windows to the world but one of the greatest assets of our body and face. A pair of beautiful, well-rested and well-cared for eyes can enhance your looks in a great way!

However, in our race for other worldly things and our fast-paced lifestyle, we often neglect this beautiful and delicate piece of divine art that we are blesses with. A little attention to this vital sense organ can go a long way in maintaining good eyesight and avoiding eye infections and other eye-related problems like watering, itching and redness.

Natural eye care is a good way of effectively taking care of our eyes without subjecting these delicate organs to harsh toxins and chemical products. In fact, it is doubly necessary to improve the blood circulation to our eyes to keep them healthy, as eyes are constantly at work every wakeful moment of our day!

Follow these simple steps to clean & healthy eyes, good vision and enhanced eye beauty!

  1. Wash your eyes

Clean your eyes with clean, fresh water. You may add some drops of rose water for a soothing effect. However, one must avoid splashing water directly into the eyes. According to Ayurveda, one can prepare an eye-relaxing and stress-relieving eyewash by soaking some Triphala churna overnight and using the strained water in the morning to wash your eyes. 

  1. Regularly Exercise Eye Muscles

 Eye exercises stimulate eye muscles and improve circulation of the eyes and optic nerves, thus relaxing them. Some good exercises that one can try for their eyes include:

  1. Rolling eyes from left to right and top to bottom and vice-versa after you wake up from sleep is very good for vision care. This exercise should be repeated 3-4 times for best results.
  2. In the morning, wash your face with some cool water and fill in your mouth with water. Now splash water into your eyes. This water in the mouth puts pressure on the eye muscles, stimulating them.
  3. Blinking is the best natural exercise for the eyes as it naturally renews the moisture in the eyes effectively taking care of dryness and related issues.


  1. Give Your Tired Eyes A Relaxing Massage

Wondering how to massage eyes?! It’s pretty simple. Hold your eyebrows between your thumb and forefinger and move outwards, gently pressing all points on the way. Now roll your thumb over your eyelids. Repeat this exercise as many times in the day as you can for improved blood circulation and a healthy vision for your eyes.

 Try the palming technique – Rub your palms for about 30 seconds and then gently cup your eyes with the warmed hands for about a minute. 

  1. Sleep well!

Rested eyes provide good blood circulation to the eye muscles and provide them with the much needed rest after a tiresome day of work!! Nothing works better than sleep for eyes. So don’t miss out on your beauty sleep! 

  1. Maintain a Good Diet for Healthy Stress-Free Eyes!

 Apart from these eye care tips, maintaining a healthy, balanced diet goes a good  way in taking care of the eyes naturally. For healthy, stress-free eyes try these:

  • Keep your body hydrated and eat plenty of fresh fruits like oranges, cucumber and guava that are rich sources of Vit. A, C and E. Green vegetables, peanuts, lentils and sunflower seeds also provide for good eye health.
  • Add nuts to your diet as their high fiber content improves digestion and resolves eye problems naturally.
  • Eating carrots and Amla, foods rich in vitamin A and antioxidants, empty stomach in the morning is considered very good for eye health.
  • Foods rich in copper are like elixir for the eyes due to their anti-bacterial properties. Ayurveda promotes drinking water stored overnight in copper containers as this is said to have impactful healing effect on the eyes and other organs as well.

Some other ways of protecting and caring for your eyes include simple measures like:

  • Wear shades/sunglasses and avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Read/sew and do other eye-intensive work in proper light. Dim light strains the eyes and can be damaging for the optic nerves.
  • Take frequent and regular rest from staring at computer monitors, tablet and mobile screens as the glare can fatigue the eyes.
  • For those who wear contact lenses, avoid wearing these for prolonged periods as they rob the eye muscles of essential oxygen, cause dryness and may permanently damage eye sight.

 Try to avoid over-the-counter chemical drugs for eye care. Use organic eye care products for best results!!

For information on how to care for your eyes naturally, click here.


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