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If you were even at a stage of 30-40 years earlier you ought to be told that once lost hair cannot be gettable but now with the advancement of science you can do anything and yes you can also get back your lost hair with reduced problems regarding your scalps and further hair loss. Choosing the right methods of anti hair loss by applying proper products for efficient care taking of your hair is essential. The other factors involved in resolving hair loss is how you apply the product on your hair. For best results always try to follow the guide lines provided with the product and a very important thing is that any product you are applying but you just can’t be hard on the scalp. Always apply oils, shampoo or any other product very slowly and gently over the scalp.

Selecting the right products:

If you need your hair back and don’t want to lose it further then you have to follow a few steps mentioned below:

  • Consult a doctor: even if we don’t care about consulting with a doctor for the treatment of hair but it’s really very essential at least because the scalps and hair of different human beings are most likely to be not the same.
  • Know type of your scalp and hair: you must check what type of scalp and what type of hair is yours and act accordingly.
  • Overdoing a certain product: shampoo twice or thrice a week is very much needed for cleaning of your scalp and proper nourishment of hair from the roots. Choosing the right shampoo is also essential.

  • Follow up action: just with the help of shampoo your nourishment is sure not to be complete you need to take care of the follow up action. It is a very necessary part as it completes the procedure. Many people prefer to apply oils after they shampoo but the best thing to do is applying conditioner but using conditioner having harmful chemicals may be a spoiler so choose the best.

Things we forget:

  • Proper combing is necessary and with that application of oils preferably once at least or twice a week.
  • Using oils having a great scent or aroma may not be of great use so better try to choose oils which contains natural ingredients as those are less likely to harm the scalp.


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