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Smoking is the main reason for cancer and smokers have high risk of heart attacks also. According to medical research and American Drug Association, men suffer from impotence and women suffer from skin diseases, which are mainly caused by their smoking habits. But there is no medical outcome about how to quit smoking effectively, and you can find some natural and organic foods which help you to quit smoking eventually.

  There are some organic herbs and foods available in the market which can help you to quit smoking easily. Now you can start consuming these foods and stop your smoking habit within some days.

  1. Licorice: licorice is an antismoking agent, and it is available in stick forms. You can keep some licorice sticks with you and start sucking these sticks when you feel smoking. It seems like the taste of actual smoking, but it does not harm your lungs and heart anymore. You can also try some flavors of licorice and when you consume these licorice sticks, it will almost be equivalent to three cups of tea. But extreme consumption of licorice can affect your body, and you can feel headache, lethargy and water retention problem.
  2. Red clover: you can purchase some tins of red clovers and start chewing these organic herbal foods. Clover has an age-old reputation and it prevents the risk of cancer. Those who have the habit of chewing tobacco and smoking can replace the tobacco with red clover. It can prevent cancer and it does not harm your tongue.

  1. Carrot: carrot has carotenoids which give the orange color of the carrot. This chemical is related to Vitamin-A, and it also helps you to prevent cancer. You can chew the raw carrot throughout the day when you feel for smoking.
  2. Fava beans: it is the main source of I-dopa, and when you take this on a regular basis, it will get converted to dopamine in your brain. Fava beans are cheaper and effective for quitting smoking and this organic herb can help you to stop smoking instantly.
  3. Turmeric: according to renowned medical journals, it has been proved that those who consume turmeric three to eight times per day can quit their smoking habit. Basil and turmeric have anti-cancer ingredients and they can prevent cancer risk also.

Tips to quit smoking with organic foods:

  • Plenty of water: it is suggested to drink plenty of water to quit smoking. During smoking your body gets dehydrated, and you need maximum water retention to replenish the lost minerals in your body.
  • Chewing organic foods: you must start chewing the organic foods on a regular basis. So when you get eager for smoking, the time will pass out automatically.
  • Mental strength: your mental decision must be strong if you are interested to quit smoking, and you must avoid smoking with the help of your mental strength.

  • Balanced diet: balanced and high protein foods can help you to prevent smoking. You must consume high carbohydrate food supplement regularly.
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