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Burrp!! Yes that's the sound that comes out of your mouth when you have a now common condition known as bloating. This is a natural phenomenon and having it once in a while is fine and normal. But if you are facing constant gas problems which keep recurring meal after meal then there is a problem. This means that something is wrong with your diet and that something has to be modified or avoided. There are multiple reasons as to why bloating happens but the good thing is that it is not a precondition to any serious diseases.

Where does this gas come from?

  • Majority is from outside sources(Inhaled air!!).
  • Your gut bacteria can form gas while helping digestion.

Why do you bloat?

  • The most common and obvious reason for bloating is overeating. This leads to excess loading in the stomach which causes gas formation and thereby improper digestion.

  • Eating a lot of fatty food is also a common cause. Unlike proteins and carbohydrates fats take a longer time to digest and therefore consuming excess fatty food can cause bloating.
  • Eating too fast or stuffing in food is another leading cause. This is because the signals that the stomach is full reaches the brain in around 20 minutes. Thus eating too fast would lead to you feeling hungry even though you are full and thereby could cause overeating.

Foods that cause bloating:

  • Indigestible Sugars:

Eating food rich in oligosacharides that are indigestible can lead to bloating. Foods like carrots, prunes and apricots tend to cause bloating due to their composition which has sugars and starches that are mostly indigestible.

  • Sweeteners:

Many artificial sweeteners

 tend to be indigestible. Sorbitol is a good example of that. Haven't you seen this ingredient in chewing gums!! If not pay closer attention to the labels next time. Fructose a natural sugar in many cases is also difficult to digest.

  • Dairy Products:

Dairy products like milk tend to have a lot of sugars which are indigestible. A common one being lactose. Many people are unable to digest lactose and therefore are prone to bloating while having milk.

  • Whole Grains:

These grains are recommended by all nutritionists as they contain plenty of nutrients and fiber. But a sudden increase in fiber in our diet can also cause bloating. Thus when we want to include fiber in our diet it should be included gradually.

Remedies against Bloating:

  • Eat slowly and also in small proportions.
  • Cut down on fatty food.
  • Reduce bloating inducing foods from your diet.
  • Have plenty of curd which is digested milk as it now contains no complex sugars and is actually good at preventing bloating.
  • Celery, rosemary and turmeric have proven anti-bloating properties.
  • The most vital ingredient is water and that too plenty of it!!

Therefore if you have or are facing gas problems then it is time you did something about it by purchasing organic remedies from Joy By Nature in addition to getting your diet right.


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