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As per the statistics, 80% of people said that being on the receiving end of bad breath is an instant turn off. Guaranteed to ruin the most amazing of dates, bad breath is something that should be combated at the first step to prevent it from worsening and exacerbating all chances of you ever seeing the other person again. If it’s too late because maintaining oral hygiene isn’t the topmost thing to do on your priority list, there are still other ways to battle bad breath that can mask the smell and save the date.

In a recent study conducted by Colgate, 45% of people who had bad breath didn’t even know they had this issue because they were so accustomed to it. The following ways are just some easy ways to find out if you are one of them.

How to check is you have bad breath:

  • Lick the back of your hand:

Lick the back of your hand and smell it after 10 seconds. By this time, some of the saliva should have evaporated and your skin should imitate the state of your mouth. If the smell is less than good, it’s time you start bringing TicTacs with you wherever you go.

  • Use a cloth to wipe the ends of your mouth or tongue:

If the cloth looks discolored or has an odor, chances are that you probably face the issue.

  • Floss your teeth:

Floss your teeth and smell the floss. Since the floss goes right in between your teeth, this should bring out some of the usually hidden bacteria in your mouth. If it smells funky, it’s time you introduce mouthwash to your regimen.

If you are one of the lucky few who don’t face these problems, that doesn’t mean that you are and will always be in the clear. Plaque and bad odor can catch up with you at any point in your life, therefore it is imperative that you start acting now to save yourself tomorrow. The following are some general tips and tricks on how to maintain good oral hygiene and keep bad breath at the bay.


How to prevent bad breath:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day:

Brushing your teeth twice a day prevents build up of debris and plaque that is the main cause of foul breath. Not only does the toothpaste remove the odor causing bacteria, but also leaves your mouth minty fresh, which is always a plus.

  • Use mouthwash in the morning:

The alcohol in the mouthwash is a sure shot way to kill the bacteria in your mouth and stop bad breath in its tracks.

  • Quit or avoid smoking:

Smoking is one of the highest contributors to bad breath. Not only will quitting smoking give your lungs a break, but it will also cause your partner or friends to compliment you on your better oral hygiene.

Whether or not you are one who faces bad breath, it is always a relief when the person you're on a date with has great smelling breath as it shows that you care about your appearance. Great smelling breath leads straight to a successful date, so the following are some easy tips on how to ensure that you have minty fresh breath during your date so that you can woo your partner to no end.

How to always have fresh breath:

  • Don’t skip the garnish:
    The garnish on your plate is more than just for aesthetic appeal. Garnish, often mint or parsley, is chockful of depoderizing cholrophyll that is meant to have a double role – to cleanse your palate after eating, and freshen up your breath. Make use of those greens and chew hard if you want great smelling breath.
  • Drink drink:
    Water is one of the most underrated liquids on this planet. Not only does it hydrate you and make your skin look great, but it also washes away bacteria and odor-causing debris from your mouth, which puts an end to almost all foul smelling causes. So drink as much as you can before, during, and after your date to maintain that fresh breath.
  • Keep a pack of mint flavored gum nearby:
    If all else fails, it is always a bonus to have a pack of gum or mints nearby to freshen up the mood. Not only does the mint sweeten your breath, but the act of chewing also stimulates saliva that washes away all the bacteria and food remnants from your mouth, directly promoting dental hygiene.

With these minor tips and tricks,  fresh breath is sure to bless you with a lovely date and an even lovelier love life by the end of the day. Using basic things like garnish or water can save your date and promote your physical wellbeing.


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