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Honey, as the name only suggests sweetness is a sweet food made by the bees. Bees use nectar from flowers and then make honey out of it. The whole process is a lengthy one and thus the result is sweet. Both honey formation and collection are typical ones but are worth it. Honey can be distinguished on the basis of its fragrance, taste and consistency. Honey is very popular all over the world. Its sweetness is well known by all of us. It can be consumed directly as well as taken with other substances like in place of sugar you can add honey, instead of using jam on bread one can make his taste better by using honey on bread and the list is endless. There are many recipes of food to which when honey is added makes it taste wonderful! It’s damn healthy, nutritious and it aids in healing process. Taking honey early in the morning with Luke warm water kick starts your morning and keeps your metabolism in check. Overall, in 100grams of honey there is 27% of carbohydrates, 15% calories and 1% of dietary fiber. The benefits of honey are endless.


  • Helps in weight loss- Honey has been proven to aid in weight loss despite of having many calories in it. Honey when consumed early in the morning on an empty stomach with one glass of Luke warm water helps in getting you in shape. As doing this will not only make your digestion better but will also increase your metabolism food which will further not store fat in your body and all that extra fat will burn. And you can see results within one month! So, people start your morning with honey in Luke warm water and start seeing the changes.


  • Helps maintain your blood sugar levels- Good news for diabetic patients. It seems an irony to us, isn’t it? That honey is a natural sweetener and still it helps in lowering blood sugar. Taking honey instead of sugar can help you maintain your blood sugar levels. But care should be taken that it is not to be taken too much. It can adverse your health.
  • Good for skin- Honey acts as a natural beauty tool. It helps in creating smooth and beautiful skin. You can consume it by mixing one-tablespoon honey with one glass of milk daily to get clear and beautiful skin. You may also apply honey directly to your face by adding little bit of milk and lemon juice in such a way that the pack created becomes a thick mixture and then you can apply onto your face and body and leave it for about 5 minutes and rinse off. Natural scrub can be made out of it by adding sugar crystals to honey.


  • Good source of energy- Honey contains about 62 calories per tablespoon and accordingly this much amount of calories is enough to give you that instant boost of energy! So honey can be consumed very easily whenever you need instant energy. Apart from that, it has got healthy carbohydrates and it very easy to digest in a pure natural way. Thus, it may help athletes in gaining back their lost energy.
  • Natural Sweetener- As we already know that sugar is bad for our health so why don’t we substitute sugar with honey. It’s better than sugar in many ways. You can make use of honey in many foods and drinks instead of using sugar. So start replacing sugar with honey from today!



  • Helps in healing wounds- It speeds up the healing process when applied on wound because of its several antibacterial properties. It is also helpful in case of moist wounds. Thus, honey has a great healing power due to its several properties making it a good antiseptic.
  • Good source of vitamins and minerals- Honey contains various minerals and vitamins in it. Among vitamins, it has riboflavin, vitamin C, and vitamin B6. And in minerals, it has manganese, iron and copper. So it’s actually good to take honey for your health.
  • Antibacterial and antifungal- Honey has antibacterial and antifungal properties. And due to this, it is used in many medicines and to treat open wounds.
  • Source of antioxidants- Honey is rich in antioxidants which are helpful in removing free radicals from body. Thus making your immune system stronger and gives your health. It has also proved to immune body from fatal diseases like cancer etc.


Thus, there are many benefits of honey and one can take advantage of this and can have honey on regular basis to get healthy!


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