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Come March people of all age group look forward to letting themselves loose with gulal, pichkaris and water balloons because it’s Holi! Nothing spells happiness like throwing friends in a pool of coloured water and stuffing our face with Holi delicacies like Gujia, mathris and of course the drink without which Holi is incomplete Thandai! It is embedded in the tradition of Holi. 

The Thandai drink is a beautiful combination of various kinds of nuts, saffron, milk, rose, a hint of spices and white poppy seeds .This beverage, served chilled, has a magical effect on one’s taste buds: every sip is magnified with the subtle smell of rose; the saffron helps to calm the mind and relax the senses, the assorted nut paste mixed with just the right amount of spices add a sense of fullness and satisfaction. It’s a thirst-quencher which is tasty and cooling and perfect mood setter for playing colors.

The ingredients present in thandai have several health benefits. Milk is known as one of the best source of calcium and protein .It is also a rich source of micro nutrients like zinc, phosphorus and iron. Cold milk is known to be an antacid and have cooling effects on the body. Fennel seeds have volatile oils which are known for its antioxidants, anti-flatulence, cooling properties. Peppercorn is considered as the king of spices, it has medicinal properties as it has piperine. It also has minerals like manganese, zinc, calcium, iron and vitamin A. Watermelon seeds are a source of energy, protein and iron. 1 cup of watermelon seeds provides 45% of the daily RDA.  Rose petals have been known for their ayurvedic properties. They are very good for digestion problems and menstrual irregularities. Almonds are a rich source of vitamin E and are known for their antioxidant effects. They are good for brain and heart as they have cholesterol regulating effect. Thandai is low in calories compared to other milkshakes. 

Add Bhang to Thandai and see the world go round! It is called bhang ki thandai or Sardai.  They have become synonymous over the year. Laced with bhang, Sardai was offered to Lord Shiva according to mythology, but people in India have been drinking it as early as 1000 B.C.While some become deliriously happy others turn depressed. Caution is needed when taking a bhang thandai as overdose might not be what one wished for. Thandai is also traditionally prepared as an offering to Lord Shiva during Mahashivratri.

There are multiple variations of Thandai so make your own variation and let your senses loose with delicacies,color, friends and family and just the joy of celebration!!

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