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Be flattering and not flattering:

Ensure that the pregnancy has not affected your figure. At the same time, ensure that the comfort as well as the wellness of the baby is not compromised. To strike the balance between the two, here are some tips to pick your maternity clothes.

  • Size That Matters: As the pregnancy progresses, the weight does too. The pre-pregnancy sizes does not necessarily fit during pregnancy. Hence, clothes are chosen at every stage of pregnancy or an elastic fit-all cloth is picked.
  • The Fit Can Flatter - or Fail: Pregnant women often make the mistake of buying the clothes of plus one size or that are too large of men's clothes. Avoid this as it fails to provide those "give in" places for the baby bump.
  • The Fabric That's the King: When the maternity clothes are picked, it is a usual expectation that is lasts long enough to support you through the pregnancy. For this purpose, the right fabric is selected which stretches as you and the bump grows.
  • Do The Essential Expenditure: Common complaint that prevails with the maternity clothes is their cost. When we shop to save, we pick the low-quality ones that is available at lower costs. These shrink, tear, stretch and lose shape on wash. Hence it is okay to be a spendthrift in this regard.
  • Lingerie Foundation: Pregnant women face the problem of growing breast that doesn't fit the bra anymore. Without the right bra, the clothes doesn't look right on you anymore. Hence a right bra approved by lactating consultants will help to ease the discomfort caused during pregnancy.

 How to look your best during pregnency:

Aside from maternity wear, there are a lot of other factors to take care of if you want to look your best during the pregnancy period. You also need to give special attention to your skin, hair, and other factors that affect your external appearance. Follow these tips to look fabulous during your pregnancy years.

  • Revamp your hairstyle

Your hairstyle is something that can affect your look to a great measure. You can try something totally different from what you have going on at the moment. If you have long hair, cut it as short as you can. For short hairs, colouring and hair treatments are great ideas. You can find innovative hairstyle that complement well with the maternity wear of your choice.

  • Nurture the glow of your skin

It is said that pregnancy makes a woman’s skin glow like the sun. But don’t take it for granted, ladies! You have to provide proper care for the skin especially since your hormones are on a bumpy roller-coaster ride. Keep moisturizing and exfoliating your skin so as to maintain that lovely glow.

You also need to protect your skin from the sun 24x7. Find a good sunscreen that suits your skin and apply it whenever you go outside. Do not forget to apply it on all exposed body parts, and not just the face. After all, what good is stunning maternity wear if your skin doesn’t look its best.

While being pregnant is a joy for a lifetime, your looks needs to be properly looked after as it is one vital period. It can help you stay confident, happy and positive. Click here for more pregnancy care products.


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