Pavitra+ Face and Body Ubtan

  • Helps in brightening the skin tone
  • Helps in controlling Acne & Pimples
  • Can be used on all skin types
  • Hydrates the skin

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Pavitra+ Face and Body Ubtan for Instant Glow with Saffron, Turmeric, Lodh AYUSH Certified



Watch Pooja Luthra - a leading Youtube Health and Beauty Expert - share her Instant Glow Experience with Pavitra Face and Body Ubtan

'Ubtan' is probably world’s first known natural cosmetic and skincare product. Pavitra's Face and Body Ubtan is a powerful exfoliating treatment that energizes the underlying tissues of the skin.  Traditionally used to reduce hair growth and improve the brilliance of skin, Pavitra's Face and Body Ubtan has proven versatility as a cleanser, astringent, stimulant, and skin tonic all at once. It effectively exfoliates, tones, texturizes and refreshes the skin, leaving it shimmering with renewed vitality and a silky finish.


Made with ingredients like Red lentil or ‘Masoor Dal’, Turmeric, Saffron, Lodhra – a special Ayurvedic herb, Rose, Jasmine and Orange Peel Powder, this Ubtan is great as a mask as well as an exfoliator.



  • Orange Peel Powder
  • Masoor Daal (Red Lentils)
  • Saffron
  • Lodh Powder
  • Turmeric



The goodness of saffron, orange peel, masoor dal, turmeric and other natural ingredients help in keeping your skin healthy, glowing, fresh and youthful. Each ingredient has their own properties such as the masoor dal or red lentils provide texture which helps in exfoliating your skin. Saffron hydrates the skin and also increases the blood circulation of the skin and makes it a shade lighter. With the dead cells removed your skin naturally looks bright and beautiful.

    How to Use

    Please follow the instruction on Leaflet inside the Box.

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    True to its name, Pavitra+ aims to offer purest and best from mother nature to enhance overall wellbeing. All Pavitra+ products have undergone long periods of research, trials and testing to ensure they are effective,and fulfill their purpose.

    Pavitra+ is the Gold Standard in Purity and Efficacy in its category, and it counts on its customers such as you to help it achieve the same.

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