Joybynature Rose Essential Oil Combo Pack 2x10ml

  • Relieves anxiety and depression
  • Reduces acne and skin infections
  • Alleviates stress and tension
  • Removes blemishes

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Joybynature Rose Essential Oil Combo Pack 2x10ml


The beauty of a rose flower cannot be explained using words; so is its fragrance. Joybynature rose essential oil comes with all its purity and fresh aromatic fragrance which will refresh your mind, body and senses instantly. The fragrance of rose is also associated with love and is unanimously loved by both genders. Joybynature rose essential oil can be used as a wonderful skin tonic with anti bacterial and astringent properties which can make your skin soft and supple by tightening the skin cells. Regular use of Joybynature rose essential oil can be an effective solution from headache, migraine and asthma. The oil si so pure and gentle and is also non-toxic too.

Joybynature rose essential oil is a comforting, mild & sensual way to relieve tired & fatigued body, mind and senses. It also acts as a moisturizer by fixing the broken and week capillaries on your skin surface. Whatever be your skin type and the climatic conditions that you live in, Joybynature rose essential oil is the best essential oil with wonderful fragrance which relaxes your mind and skin.

Just as the color of a red rose lifts up the ambiance of a room, the fragrance of Joybynature rose essential oil acts as a coolant for your tired nerves and senses, rejuvenating and lifting your mood. It is also a great stimulant for brain, leading to more bold circulation to brain and all parts of your body. Joybynature rose essential oil is the most important ingredient used in aromatherapy as it is one of the best aphrodisiac. Its stimulant properties also help to wade off depression as it is also a good anti-depressant.

Joybynature rose essential oil is considered to be the best quality as the oil is extracted from the best quality of roses in the world with highest oil content. This oil is also used to bring a balance in the body hormones and can even regulate the menstrual cycle. Its fresh scent is enough to keep your spirits lifted all the day.


Joybynature rose essential oil is extracted from the freshest of the rose petals, retaining its aroma and natural vitamins.


  • Natural Antiseptic: Joybynature rose essential oil can be used as the best treatment for wounds, cuts and bruises. Rather than using the hospital smelling anti septic lotions, switch over to the fragrant and much cooler natural antiseptic .It is sure that kids will love to have this while having wounds.
  • Antidepressant: Joybynature rose essential oil boosts mental activity and pumps blood circulation, thus effectively acting against depression, loneliness and other related symptoms. The aromatic smell of rose oil will bring a positive energy to your mind, thus warding off negative thoughts. It also evokes the feeling of delight, pleasure and contentment in mind.
  • Antiviral: Joybynature rose essential oil can be used as an effective anti viral agent to shield against cold, cough and viral fevers and influenza. It is very helpful for kids during winters when respiratory problems and influenza cases are on the rise.
  • Aromatherapy: Joybynature rose essential oil is the basic foundation element of aromatherapy. It is the best aphrodisiac which boost libido and ignite romance and spice up sex life. It also can reduce the symptoms of sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, frigidity, and general disinterest in sexual activity with partners.
  • Skin care and beauty treatments: Joybynature rose essential oil is a must have for those who care for their looks, face and skin .It can also diminish the scar marks, boils and burn scars etc. It is a rich source of anti oxidants which refreshes your skin instantly.

How To Use

  • Joybynature rose essential oil can be used as an overall body massage or can be blended with the bath water. It will give long lasting effect if massaged just before going to bed and left on your skin overnight for better absorption.
  • Joybynature rose essential oil can be used as a facial massage by blending 2 drops of it along with 2 drops of sandalwood oil, leaving your skin fresh and soft.
  • Joybynature rose essential oil can be used in diffusers or potpourris by blending it along with other fragrant essential oils. This will refresh the atmosphere and will act against loneliness, depression and other such symptoms.

About Brand

Joybynature is aimed at inspiring Nature led Wellbeing globally. Joybynature offers unique Natural and Certified Organic products across wide range of categories including Food, Health and Beauty and works with premium quality authentic producers of natural and organic products to ensure that Nature's best reaches your doorstep. These producers are based in the hubs of organic farming across the country - locations such as Almora (Uttarakhand), Kangra (Himachal), Satara (Maharashtra), Mysore (Karnataka). Each product is thoroughly tested for presence of chemicals and harmful substances before it is made available to you - the esteemed Joybynature customer.

Joybynature is committed to enhancing individual Joy, Wellbeing and Longevity globally by offering top quality products and credible related information. Joybynature's commitment is best reflected through its policy:

TRUST Joybynature: If you are not satisfied with any Joybynature brand product after 15-day of use, Joybynature will refund you the money for the same - no questions asked.

Joybynature is a journey towards revolutionalising wellbeing among people. Managed by a highly experienced team with International WorkEx and education from IIT, IIM and INSEAD, Joybynature is growing rapidly to be the Most Preferred choice among Natural and Organic products.

Contact Info: web:; email: ; tel: +91 11 39595895

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