Joybynature Organic Hair Color - Burgundy 150gm

  • Good styling purpose
  • Contains Amla and Bringraj as key ingredients
  • Protects the hair
  • Stimulates thicker hair growth

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Joybynature Organic Hair Color - Burgundy 150gm


Joybynature Organic Burgundy hair colour is a natural hair colour that imparts natural burgundy colour which is a reddish brown colour that is liked by many people. It is made with natural ingredients with a higher proportion of organic henna which imparts a natural reddish brown colour. Joybynature Organic Burgundy hair colour does not contain chemicals such as ammonia that damage your hair. Instead, it is mild on the hair and has a nourishing effect. It also does not make the hair and scalp dry.
Unlike chemical hair colouring agents, Joybynature Organic Burgundy does not colour the hair immediately. It takes about two days for the hair colour to seep in and colour your hair. It brings out a natural hair shade that suits those with partial grey hair, white hair and others who simply want to try a different shade to colour their natural hair. The hair colour that you see after two days of applying the Joybynature Organic Burgundy stays fast for at least about five to ten shampoo washes of your hair after colouring. You also need not worry about colour loss. The Joybynature Organic Burgundy wears off naturally. It will start fading out naturally and leave a mild orangish-brown shade on the hair before disappearing completely. If you are interested in some creative and fashionable hair colouring, you can even use the Joybynature Organic Burgundy hair colour to streak your hair and create bands of burgundy coloured hair that act as highlights to existent hair colour. This well beautiful enhance your hair colour and make it look shinier and natural with a different shade.If you are interested in colouring your hair, try out the Joybynature Organic Burgundy hair colour instead of opting for the same old boring black shade. This will make your hair look vibrant and attractive.


Joybynature Organic Burgundy hair colour contains 100% natural ingredients including henna, amla, aloe vera, bringraj, indigo, brahami and madder. It is absolutely free of chemicals and solvents


  • One of the unique aspects about using the Joybynature Organic Burgundy hair colour is the fact that the hair colour, its deepness and exact shade reflects naturally in mildly different ways in different hair types, This adds a natural beauty and glamour to your hair irrespective of your hair type
  • If you wish, you can always try a patch test by colouring a small portion of your hair before colouring the entire lot. The hair colour will wear off naturally over five weeks time
  • The Joybynature Organic Burgundy hair colour is good for the hair as it nourishes the hair and treats split ends, hair breakage, hair fall and dandruff problems

How to Use

The Joybynature Organic Burgundy hair colour is very easy to use and suits all hair types. In order to use it, first you have to decide whether you want to go for a full hair colour or you want to enhance the look by streaking, highlighting or colouring front portion alone.Based on what you would like to do with your hair, take about

  • 30 grams of Joybynature Organic Burgundy hair colour for streaking or highlighting
  • 100 grams of Joybynature Organic Burgundy hair colour to colour your hair completely
  • 50 grams of Joybynature Organic Burgundy hair colour if you want to colour your hair only in the front portions
Mix with required amount of water as directed to form a smooth paste. For hair streaking or highlighting, take small portions of your hair in bands across your scalp. Apply the hair colour thoroughly from hair root to tip and cover with a aluminium foil or clip it with a clutch. You can progress like this to other bands so that remaining portions of your hair are not coloured.
For colouring front portions of your hair, use a comb and comb the top layers of your hair and apply the paste while holding out the hair strands with your comb. You can repeat this procedure for right and left portions of your head.
For full hair colouring, take the paste and apply it lavishly across all sections of your scalp and fold it in a bun. Place a shower cap on top and allow it to remain for two hours before washing with water and mild organic shampoo.
After colour care: As an after care after you have coloured your hair, you can use Joybynature Apple Cider Vinegar and Joybynature Organic Olive Carrier Oil spray as a leave-on lotion to add lustre to your hair and also allow the hair colour to penetrate deeply and stay for longer. Take two tablespoons of Joybynature Apple Cider Vinegar and mix it with one tablespoon of Joybynature Organic Olive Carrier Oil and shake well to form your own hair spray. Spray it on your hair after you have washed to make sure the burgundy colour becomes enriched and stays on for longer.


About Brand

Joybynature is aimed at inspiring Nature led Wellbeing globally. Joybynature offers unique Natural and Certified Organic products across wide range of categories including Food, Health and Beauty and works with premium quality authentic producers of natural and organic products to ensure that Nature's best reaches your doorstep. These producers are based in the hubs of organic farming across the country - locations such as Almora (Uttarakhand), Kangra (Himachal), Satara (Maharashtra), Mysore (Karnataka). Each product is thoroughly tested for presence of chemicals and harmful substances before it is made available to you - the esteemed Joybynature customer.

Joybynature is committed to enhancing individual Joy, Wellbeing and Longevity globally by offering top quality products and credible related information. Joybynature's commitment is best reflected through its policy:

TRUST Joybynature: If you are not satisfied with any Joybynature brand product after 15-day of use, Joybynature will refund you the money for the same - no questions asked.

Joybynature is a journey towards revolutionalising wellbeing among people. Managed by a highly experienced team with International WorkEx and education from IIT, IIM and INSEAD, Joybynature is growing rapidly to be the Most Preferred choice among Natural and Organic products.

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