brings this unique opportunity to Nature Enthusiasts to Plant Trees.
All you need to do is shop for Rs 1000 or more, and we will:
  • plant one tree for you
  • plant two trees for you if you shop for Rs 2000 or more
  • let you track the exact location of your trees (GPS coordinates)
  • tell you the name of the farmer who is growing it for you
  • give you the details of varieties of trees planted on your behalf in the farmland
  • As soon as you make a donation, you will get a tree certificate in your name with a unique tree code. In 6 months time, using this code, you can track the details of where your trees have been planted.
Tree Plantation Partner: Project Greenhands. For more information, please visit
For people who shop for less than Rs.100, we will group them with other such shoppers, and collectively, on their behalf, will plant trees.  We will not be able to provide tree details individually. However, we will inform them that of the common tree certificate and related information.
Shop-and-Plant-Trees Now!