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Himherbs is a company which combines modern enterprise and old world values. It strives earnestly in order to bring you a step closer to Mother Nature, which is just a step away from harmony, peace and good health. Here the forest, rivers, fields and mountains unite in one of unplanned masterpieces of nature. Himachal is a blessed land, which is very rich in flora and fauna and natural resources. The harmony of the elements of the nature is quite evident in the wide blue skies, the crystal clear streams and the fragrant air. From here, comes a large range of natural products, which are made with the purest of ingredients and care. The products of Himherbs are pure and natural. Herbs and shrubs of Himalayas are mixed in its products. If you buy Himherbs products, then will become one with the nature. 

Himherbs Production & Supply Co-op. is located in the country, with its latest production facility and with its nearby gardens are impressive step forward in the field of standardization and research of herbs, which results in the manufacture of the perfect herbal supplement, known as ‘Himalayan Amrit Herbal Rose Tea.’ It is such beverage which decreases cholesterol and tension and refreshes us. By using organically grown herbs from all over the world along with some, which are cultivated by various research universities for us, its master herbalist with the help of its master tea taster have produced a tempting bouquet of subtle flavors. It is a distinctive mixture of herbs and flowers with a base of Kangra green tea. Its taste will really pamper your taste buds. It is a valuable gift to be presented to a connoisseur by a connoisseur. Quality control quality is an important ingredient at 'Himherbs Production & Supply Co-op. Its experienced staff and house laboratory provide best quality control. Careful attention need to be given to the inspection of all raw materials and packaging. So, buy Himherbs products without any doubt in your mind.

Being mixed with a rare combination of herbs and mountain flowers with an underlying base of the best Kangra green tea, it is really a brew, which combines all the goodness of Ayurveda. Another useful product of Himherbs is Himalayan Amrit Honey. It is absolutely pure. You can mix this honey in making of many herbal medicines or for any religious ceremonies, which are carried out in Indian homes from time to time. So, do not wait for long to buy Himherbs products.

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