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Bird-Peck Organics is a family run small organic orchard in Himalayan foothills attempting to do what human beings are best bestowed with – the ability to think beyond and do things beneficial to other beings including their own kind.

Why we do what we do:
BPO is driven amongst others, by three core concerns

  • To establish the validity of non-chemical based food production regime amongst the farming community
  • To address the issue of small farmers’ livelihood security, fast eroding due to exorbitantly priced seeds and agrochemicals
  • To address the issue of health security of unsuspecting consumers by giving them access to toxin-free food

How it all began: For some, environment is just a talking point and shed crocodile tears; for us it is an arena for concrete action on the ground. Arun and Sunita decided to do their bit and set up a small family run organic orchard in 1996 eventually named ‘Bird-Peck Organics’. Arun’s commitment to re-establish the validity of chemical-free farming as a means to give livelihood security to small farmers and Sunita’s belief that toxic foods are the main cause of unprecedented spurt in incurable diseases including some that she herself suffers from, have been the key drivers. Our son, Sasha’s passion for bird photography and daughter, Sonam’s love for Nature and alternative healthcare modalities together became the force to sustain it.

Rather than ‘business’, our individual perspectives on respect for natural order of things gelled together to give birth to this family orchard – ‘Bird-Peck Organics’ with a spattering of bird houses hanging from tree trunks. Admittedly, there have been problems galore but no match to the family’s zest and zeal for lending a healing touch to Mother Earth, battered and bruised by senseless ‘modern’ agriculture.

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