Zoomveda.com Team

Nanoplastia has made major waves in the hair care world with its breakthrough use of nanotechnology to repair, restore, and transform hair. This innovative treatment aims to renew hair down to the nanoscopic level using tiny nano-sized delivery systems.

Keep reading for a comprehensive guide on how Nanoplastia works its magic both in the stylist’s chair and at home.


Understanding the Nanoplastia Difference

Nanoplastia sets itself apart from other salon services by utilizing nanosomes – miniscule phospholipid vesicles filled with active ingredients. The tiny size allows them to penetrate the hair in ways no traditional product can.


Once applied, these nanosomes travel deep within the cortex to deliver their contents directly inside the hair shaft. This enables serious reconstructive treatment, not just superficial smoothing or conditioning.


Some of the powerhouse ingredients encapsulated within Nanoplastia’s nanosomes include:

  • Amino acids – reinforce inner protein bonds
  • Peptides – stimulate collagen production 
  • Antioxidants – counteract free radical damage
  • Ceramides – seal in moisture
  • Biotin – amplify thickness and growth 

By transporting ingredients to the heart of the hair, Nanoplastia can truly transform from the inside out.


The In-Salon Nanoplastia Service

Nanoplastia is administered at the salon as an intensive professional treatment. Here is an overview of the service:


Consultation – Your stylist will assess your hair's condition and structure to customize the treatment.

 Cleansing and Prep – Hair is prepped to optimize absorption.

 Application – Nanoplastia solution is massaged in and left to penetrate for 20-30 minutes.

Heat – Gently heating opens follicles for maximum nano-ingredient delivery.

Rinse and Masque – Solution is rinsed then a masque is applied. 

Finish – Hair is styled with prescribed take-home products.

With one session, Nanoplastia aims to renew hair's texture, strength, smoothness and shine. Treatments are needed every 2-4 months to maintain improvements.


What to Expect Before and After

Those who opt for Nanoplastia often have damaged, dry, thinning hair prone to breakage and shedding.

After a series of treatments, users experience restored softness, shine and vibrancy. Hair becomes stronger, smoother and easier to manage. While not permanent, results can last 2-5 months with at-home care.


Who is a Candidate for Nanoplastia?

It is ideal for those with noticeable chemical/heat damage, intense frizz and brittleness, volume loss, porosity issues or severe split ends. Curly, coily and thinning hair stands to benefit most. A consultation helps determine if Nanoplastia can meet your hair goals and needs.


Caring for Hair Post-Treatment

Follow your stylist's at-home instructions to maintain results between appointments. This includes using prescribed products, gentle handling, air drying when possible, and regular trims.


Introducing Nanoplastia Hair Treatment At Home

Some brands have launched at-home Nanoplastia lines to prolong salon treatment benefits. These contain mild cleansers and conditioners with nano-encapsulated ingredients to hydrate, replenish and protect hair between visits.

 Think of Nanoplastia Hair Treatment At Home as getting your hair to the gym between training sessions with your stylist. They help sustain overall hair health.


How to Use Nanoplastia Hair Treatment At Home

Use the system 2-3 times per week by gently cleansing, conditioning, and applying any prescribed leave-ins. Let masks absorb 3-5 minutes before rinsing. Avoid over washing and overusing to prevent residue buildup. Get trims every 6-8 weeks.


What to Expect from Nanoplastia Hair Treatment At Home

While less intense than salon treatments, consistent at-home use provides subtle reparative benefits over 4-6 weeks. This includes boosted moisture, strength, shine, and vibrancy. When paired with occasional salon services, results can last 4-6 months rather than 2-3.


Should You Add Nanoplastia Hair Treatment At Home to Your Regimen?

Those with the most distressed, dry or over processed hair appreciate these gentle formulas the most. Have an in-depth consultation with your stylist to see if supplemental at-home products could benefit your regimen between salon visits. They can best assess your needs.


The Bottom Line

Nanoplastia Hair Treatment At Home helps scalp and strands look their best between salon sessions. Think of salon treatments as the transformation, and at-home care as the maintenance plan. By combining these nano-powered approaches, you can achieve consistently strong, soft and shining strands!