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Shabia Ravi Walia, Founder and Owner of 'Tattva' is a media professional for the past 20 years. Dabbling in production, creative direction and writing, she has equal experience in both genres of fiction and non fiction. Over the years she has worked on various reputed non fiction shows like Surabhi and The Good Food Guide for Siddharth Kak, Movers and Shakers on Sony TV and well known fiction shows like Siddhanth, Kumkum, Ek thi Rajkumari, Mile Jab Hum Tum, Lakhon Mein Ek, Saraswati Chandra and many more. She was amongst the core team who launched Sahara Samay in Mumbai for Sahara Television.

She currently works as a creative consultant with various reputed channels and media houses.

However her biggest achievement till date as considered by her, is the birth of her baby Sia and penning down the experiences associated with it in the form of her bestselling book 'Mamma Mania' . The book has received rave reviews and critical acclaim from everyone.

'Tattva' is Shabia's latest passion born out of an attempt to provide natural quality products which young, old and babies can use without any fear of side effects of harsh chemicals.

When Shabia is not rustling up stories, she loves to whip up a storm in the kitchen cooking or making new products for 'Tattva'. Shabia lives in Mumbai with her cinematographer husband Ravi, 6 year old daughter Sia and dreams of having her own organic farm some day.

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