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Stevi0cal – Naturally Sweet, - A Stevia based Herbal Sweetener. Today it is known for the best quality Stevia Extract in India. Our products our manufactured at an ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP Certified facility. Our Constant efforts in Research and Development have helped us stay ahead in the highly competitive market of Natural Sweeteners.Our focus is to offer healthcare solutions which are high in quality, natural in origin and simple in use. Stevi0cal – Naturally Sweet, (High Quality Stevia Extract) is one such product which has a large number of health related advantages over Cane sugar, Artificial Sweetener, or Nature Identical Sweeteners, etc.

Stevi0cal like many available products is a sweetener which is to be used as a replacement for sugar by diabetics, obese and the health conscious people. The USP of Stevi0cal-naturally sweet is that it is a completely natural sweetener as compared to other products in the market which are classified as artificial sweeteners. Unlike artificial sweeteners which are linked to many health related problems Stevi0cal-Naturally Sweet totally safe in all respects with no harmful health related side effects.

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