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Snackible wants to fix one big problem that we all face. The 'Snack Crunch'. Putting together a healthy meal with an optimal nutritional value for lunch and dinner is now a lifestyle essential. But as you may have already learnt, eating healthier meals is only one part of the larger lifestyle choice of ‘staying healthy’. While most of us have started putting greater thought into eating better lunches and dinners, we often find it hard to satisfy our untimely mid-meal hunger pangs. We usually grab the closest and quickest snack. These snacks are usually the notorious deep fried chips, chocolate bars and other sugar-filled and high fat snacks, thus nullifying the effort we put into structuring our healthy meals.

Whether we are chronic snackers or we indulge in occasional guilty snacking, one thing is a given- we love our snacks!! Whether it is to shush our grumbling stomachs between meals (and during meetings) or to power through our afternoon slump, snacking is a daily and for some of us,even an hourly act. But most of our favourite tasty snacks that are available over the counter are unhealthy and doused in preservatives and added colours. Some other healthy snacks lack the taste and punch. This is the 'Snack Crunch'. Where are the good snacks? Can you get snacks that are scrumptious but do not punish your waistline?

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