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What is Organic Besan flour?

Besan flour is made from Bengal gram dal which is the most common staple ingredient used in the Indian kitchen. Organic and herbal Besan flour not only is an important kitchen ingredient, but also an excellent facial scrubber used since ages. It is one of the best protein sources amongst dal and pulses.

Benefits of Besan Flour

Pure, natural and organic besan is rich in first class proteins and carbohydrates. It is completely free of gluten and its high nutrient content makes it ideal for diabetics, heart patients and malnourished children. Shop best deals on good quality organic besan online and add a fresh taste to pakodas, bhajiyas, dhoklas and even Indian sweets like besan ki barfi and besan ka laddu. Apart from Indian dishes it is also used extensively in Italian and French dishes. Online Organic besan are available free from any harmful pesticides and chemicals.

How/Where to buy Organic besan flour?

Besan flour is sometimes adulterated with cheap flours by the vendors to increase the quantity for monetary gain.  Purchase besan flour online to have the benefit of 100 percent pure and organic besan flour. With the boom of online shopping in India, renowned websites like Joybynature provide best organic besan flour.  You can easily order online where you can find pure and best organic besan flour in India. Look out for awesome offers and deals on besan flour online in India and get a best bargain for health!

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