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Organic and natural products is a brand owned by ASHCOM Agro Products & Consumer Goods Pvt. Ltd.

The brand offers : Organic Food & Personal care products. Fresh online organic products Foods products :

  • Have been certified organic by OneCert ASIA. OneCert Asia is a branch of OneCert USA an accredited agency by the United States Department of Agriculture to certify organic players and their food products.
  • Carry on its labels the logo of the certifying agency OneCert, the USDA logo & the NPOP logo (Indian Approved Organic).
  • Sources the best quality food products for its consumers. Each product is packed after it’s ingredients have gone through an in-house quality standard maintained at the packing centre.
  • The storage & the house keeping process for finished goods are approved by the certifying agency OneCert. There are no chemical based cleaning agents used in it’s housekeeping process.
  • Natural products like organic foods Personal care products are :

  • Made from natural oils & natural extracts with least intervention of chemical based synthetic agents.
  • Packed & sourced from FDA of India approved packing locations & maintain top standards of hygiene & product quality.
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