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"Just Organik" is a brand owned and launched by Treta Agro Pvt. Ltd., an agriculture produce oriented group, based out of Kashipur, a beautiful town at the foothills of Uttrakhand with corporate office at Gurgaon.

Having been associated with various agricultural activities, like seed plant, cold storage etc. for last 25 years, the group has been always been known for the quality. Organic Products is one more step in ensuring that the quality is never compromised. As a group, we are committed to provide the products that have the healing touch of Mother Nature even while under preparation, rather than producing negative effects on nature and body through strict control of the processes and quality of ingredients.

In order to provide best of products and we are working directly with farmers and farmer groups to educate them to move towards organic farming and at the same time ensuring their reach to the market. Our constant endeavor is to educate about the dangers poised by uncontrolled use of chemicals and pesticides. In the process to also provide some support to these farmers we pledge a certain portion of our revenue for the betterment of their lives.

The goal of Just Organik is to provide ways and means to live naturally, with a vision to be a significant  player in providing the Organic oriented food, cosmetics, apparel and any other thing that can be processed and/or produced through organic/natural process.

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