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Green Tribe Organic Green Tribe is meant for those who want the best from life. Green Tribe is premium quality , long leaf tea selected from the best of organic tea gardens in Assam , India . Organically grown and minimally processed means that all the health boosting properties of Green Tea are intact when you brew your favorite health beverage . High levels of antioxidants , polyphenol and flavonoids keep you healthy , reduce the risk of cancer , relieve stress and enhance metabolism , helping you reduce weight , improve immunity and fight aging . So go ahead , take a sip of good health and live the dream !

Organic products are sown , processed and handled without being in contact with any chemical subsatnce , fertilizers , pesticides , toxics substance or artificial food additives . They are eco friendly and a necessity for protecting our mother earth. Green Tribe products are therefore, guaranteed to be free of adulteration and are nature's purest and healthiest gift to your body . With Green Tribe products , be assured that you're choosing the best for yourself , your loved ones and your planet .

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