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Fuschia was born out of its parent company Vkare Bio Sciences in 2013. Since its inception, Fuschia is consistently evolving and has established itself as a brand dedicated to natural , handmade skincare products. From natural ingredients to manufacturing process , from unique packaging styles to eco-friendly policies ,Fuschia stands apart from most of the conventional cosmetic brands. At Fuschia we strive to reach out to all those who want to go all natural and eco-friendly, with our range. Our constant efforts to provide our customers the best for their skin and at the same time contributing towards saving our ecosystem makes our products a little pricier but still affordable for those who really care.

At Fuschia , we advocate ecofriendly production so all products are made by hand instead of machines. This also provides work opportunities to more and more people. All Fuschia items are innovatively packaged in brilliantly colored wrappers and stickers which are created by our team. Fuschia cares for your skin, so we try to keep away & minimize the use of preservatives. Hence, the shelf-life of our products does not compare with that of the other brands in the industry. Our policy is to manufacture limited quantities at a time to ensure that every product reaches our customers in a fresh & fragrant form.

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