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Our inspiration
We have set out to make India’s premier gourmet chocolate. A chocolate for sophisticated palates that harnesses and demonstrates the sheer richness of organic Indian produce. We are dedicated to making chocolate that reflects the cycles of the cosmos, unifying man with nature and health with pleasure through a combination of old-world craft and new-found nutritional wisdom.

Small Batch & Artisan
All our chocolate is hand-crafted in small batches. We believe that there is a personal and energetic transfer between craftsman and medium. We deliberately employ as many manual techniques in our style of chocolate making as possible, demanding skill and well cultivated technique. All chocolate is hand-screened, hand-tempered, hand-filled, truffles are hand-rolled and all is hand wrapped with care. Our wrappers and boxes are silk-screen printed by hand, right here in Mysore. This for us is the meaning of artisan.

The Story of Bean-to-Bar
The majority of the chocolate industry can be divided into two segments; those who make chocolate from the all important cacao bean, en masse, making what is known as chocolate couverture. This is sold to the second segment of the industry, where chocolatiers and pastry chefs add their dynamic creativity in the form of pralines, ganache, bon-bons and other creations, before making their way to your lips.

The relatively new, and increasingly popular bean-to-bar (and in some cases tree-to-bar) movement, brings together all the different segments of the chocolate making journey under one set of hands.

Though more complex and painstaking, going bean-to-bar gives the chocolate maker the kind of influence over his chocolate enjoyed by a wine maker or artisan bread baker. Sublte flavours can be enhanced or subdued, terroir (climatic influence on flavour) can be exposed, acidity can be maintained or reduced etc. In an era where more and more chocolate makers are getting closer to the origin of their beans, cacao is being sourced from lands never considered in the past. This makes for an incredibly exciting voyage of flavour for today’s chocolate lover.

Our Journey
We used to dream of artisan food that was healthy, and healthy food that had finesse. We knew it was possible and we began with our answer to the problem in 2010 making traditional sourdough artisan bread and healthy raw confectionery in London. We often felt, however that there was too great a distance between producer and farmer and longed to learn the stories of the people who had reared our ingredients.

Desperate for warmer climates and new adventures we visited South India, loved it and by chance discovered cacao growing there.

Driven by curiosity and a long standing passion for food, drink and flavours we got to work sourcing, sampling, testing, tasting, tasting and some more tasting, setting us off on a journey to build chocolate making equipment and a chocolate factory, with the set intention of creating a chocolate bar we are proud to share with you.

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