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DEHA ASSAM TEA CO. (P) LTD. is in existence since 1951, and is a family managed business with a futuristic approach of our Honourable M.D. Mr. S.N. Agarwalla, who has earned a reputation of being a Quality Planter in the Industry, Mr. C.P. Agarwalla, who has been managing the company for over 2 decades, Mr. B.K. Agarwalla, who has been dynamically modernizing and developing the company for almost a decade, Mr. A. Agarwalla and Mr. V. Agarwalla, the two new bloods who are bringing in new growth oriented ideas for the company.

Deha Assam Tea Co. is an ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP Certified Company with a state-of-art technology for manufacturing one of the finest and top quality ORTHODOX & CTC Teas under its prestigious mark “DEHA”.

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