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Chlorophile is a lifestyle brand that embodies the values of sustainable living, from sourcing materials to delivering great products; assurance of Eco-friendly and fair-trade principles is our key to success, and our customers’ desire to make responsible consumer choices is what empowers us to make a difference.Being one of the few brands to produce and retail certified organic denim products, we bear the GOTS logo with pride.


Our products are casual garments for everyday use and every day quality. We aim to meet the needs and desires of women and men of the day, while working with nature to fortify the trade with understanding.

The aim is to bring positively ‘Earth-effective’ clothing to the changing world of fashion. We know that people share views from different angles; this is why all our ranges are fashionably designed to meet different customers’ requirements in both style and comfort. Our designs are inspired by the cultural origins of change, and celebrate nature’s vibrancy with a fusion of creative expressions and grounded visual comments.

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