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Some latest researches have proved very promising in brain performance improvement. Some of the foods have been proved to reduce inflammation in the brain whereas others have been proved to improve cognitive function, processing speed, focus, concentration and memory. Maintenance of your memory and awareness in senior years is really a big challenge due to our lifestyle and diet choices. There are such places in the world where aging fail to cast effect on mental capacity. People of different countries eat differently which support the health of brain.

Fruits, such as Blueberries have been proved to help in improvement of motor skills as well as learning capacity in clinical trials. They also provide help in protecting the brain from oxidative stress that yields cognitive impairment and brain fog. Research throws light on promise for age-related conditions like Alzheimers and dementia. Acai is another brain boosting berry. It contains all the antioxidants, which blueberry does. But, it also has proteins and omega-3 essential fatty acids. Acai berries have a great capacity to increase the capabilities of brain. 

Berries have also been proved to have great ability for improvement of the degenerative brain related aging. Apart from this, they have been proved to reverse or delay the symptoms. Some of the berries, especially the purple and blue varieties have anthocyanins which foster capabilities of brain, store memory and clear up brain fog and fuzzy thinking. In addition to this, a new research shows a considerable improvement in short-term memory by engulfing juice of grape apart from improvement of motor skills.  Grapes, particularly dark grapes have been proved to be one of the best foods with one of the best ranked antioxidant activities. There is a correlation between a minimal consumption of red wine and a lowered occurrence of Alzheimer's disease.

One such food product, brown rice, is also one of those foods which remain equipped with vitamins and magnesium which foster cognitive health and brain function.  It also contains lots of fiber, which provide support to gut health, besides a lower glycemic index, which keep levels of insulin from spiking. Decreased insulin levels reduce fuzzy thinking and brain fog.  Nuts are also brain related food, especially walnuts. Walnuts appear like small brain and foster cognitive function in the brain.

So, this was all about brain related food. Fruits like blackberries and grapes have been found to be very effective in fostering the cognitive functions of the brain. 


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