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The world has become a crazy place; people in the process of trying to have a sound body and mind having started going to the gym in their cars and then they run in the treadmill. They have started to prefer the escalator instead of the stairs. This has to change; people have to understand that one small change every day can make a huge difference over a year.

About 432 billion cells die and are replaced with new cells every day in our body. This is the key to have a body which is fit and healthy. We can actually control the new cells that are being replaced; it can either be replaced with healthier and better cells or with inferior quality cells. It’s is all up to us.

Superior or inferior quality-

Since we are fashioning our body with new cells almost every second, we are given a choice between superior or inferior quality cells.

  • In the end it all comes down to one’s every day diet. By consuming natural products the cells that are replaced will be healthy and thus making one feel fit and confident thus regenerating ourselves.
  • On the other hand, by consuming unhealthy products, the cells that are replaced will be of inferior quality or degeneration process. Although there won’t be any immediate changes seen; over a long run it will definitely be shown out in the form of tiredness, constant body pain etc.

The valley of degeneration-

 Fast foods-

  • These types of foods are completely dead with no nutrients. Although they may be enough of the moment, since there are no nutrients the urge to eat some other food is also increased.
  • A recent study conducted, concluded by saying that fast foods may be the cause of depression.


  • As sweet as it may be on the outside, when it goes inside our body it can ironically be called as the “white death”.
  • Sugars are just fat- building calories; they do not contain any type of vitamins, nutrients or minerals. Sugar depress the immune system (one teaspoon of sugar is enough to depress the immune system for about 3 hours).


  • A morning without coffee for some people is like death without embalming fluid. Without either people are just pale, stiff corpses waiting for rigor mortis to set in; that’s how addicted people have become towards coffee.
  • Caffeine dehydrates the body of magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.

The peak of regeneration-

Fresh fruits and vegetables-

  • These are completely filled with vitamins, minerals and nutrients and they also contain chemicals that are required in fighting and protecting the body from diseases and aging.
  • When these natural products are consumed in the daily diet, a person can witness changes from the outside and the inside.
  • Doctors actually recommend patients to consume a lot of fresh fruits and vegetable to combat depression and anxiety related issues.

Drinking water-

  • Even though our body is filled with 75% water, for a healthier body, one has to drink and hydrate every hour on the clock.
  • Water can easily be the best thing that has ever happened to mankind. We are filled with water on the inside and as well as the outside.
  • Even with all the natural products one has to extract the unwanted from the body and that can be done by drinking lots of water (minimum of 2-3 liters a day).

Exercise and sleep-

  • Exercising every day for 10-20 minutes along with consuming natural products can make a lot of difference; it can help in decision making, make one feel confident
  • On the other hand, sleeping for minimum of 6-7 hours for an adult is a must.
  • Without proper sleep the decision making part in the brain will be impaired and constant headaches and if it continues, one can end up in hallucinating.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary people is that the latter have started doing what they wanted to do; the start is what stops most people. But once the natural products consumed on a regular basis it becomes a healthy habit for a healthy body.


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