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Most of us don’t think of our dental health and hygiene beyond brushing our teeth once or twice a day. Others, who are more careful, may even floss their teeth at night. But beyond that, we rarely think about what else we could do to improve our dental health. Our suggestion? Eat the right diet and you probably won’t ever have to worry about the health of your teeth.

The food you eat has a bigger impact on your dental health than you may imagine; after all, your teeth are the first thing that are exposed to your food. And due to this, the various properties of the food you eat can have a detrimental effect on your teeth. For example, foods that are filled with sugar or artificial sweeteners are generally considered bad for your food as the sugar can stick to your teeth, becoming a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Similarly, artificial preservatives and food colouring also promotes a more acidic environment in the mouth, further increasing the chances of bacterial infestation.

On the other hand, there are certain foods that actually promote good dental health. So not only should you stay away from foods that are harmful for your teeth, including the following teeth-friendly foods may actually help in boosting your dental hygiene:-

  1. Green Tea

Green tea is not only a great food for your body, but also one of the best foods for maintaining dental and oral hygiene. Green tea is filled with compounds known as catechins that are extremely potent when it comes to killing harmful bacteria that collect in the mouth. If left unchecked, these bacteria can cause the formation of plaque which erodes the tooth enamel and may lead to cavities.

Green tea is also useful for preventing bad breath as the polyphenols present in it are adept at supressing the growth of the offending compounds in the mouth. Choose the green tea of your choice by clicking here.

  1. Cashew Nuts

We usually think of cashew nuts as a tasty snack we can feed on to relieve our afternoon hunger pangs. But unbeknownst to most of us, each time you eat cashew nuts, you’re doing your teeth a great favour!

The oil found in cashew nuts is known to be a potent anti-bacterial agent, which means that it eliminates the harmful bacteria that cling on to your teeth and cause the teeth to decay. Learn more about the amazing properties of cashew nuts by clicking here.

  1. Sesame Seeds

For maintaining good dental health, it isn’t enough that you fight off bacteria. Equally important is the need to keep the teeth strong and healthy and sesame seeds can be of great assistance to you in this respect.

As sesame seeds are rich in calcium, they help to strengthen and preserve the bones around the gums and teeth, ensuring that there is no weakness. In addition to this, they also help in building up tooth enamel which is the hallmark of good dental health. Find out everything there is to know about sesame seeds here.

  1. Celery

Another food that fortifies the tooth and gums, celery is a vegetable that is mostly water. Being crunchy, it promotes the flow of saliva to the mouth which has a cleansing effect on the teeth. Celery is also able to massage the gums and eliminate certain harmful bacteria from the mouth.

  1. Milk

A high acid environment in the mouth can cause our teeth to decay faster. It is therefore important to consume foods that are alkaline in nature to counter the effects of acidic foods. Dairy products like milk and cheese are exceptionally healthy alkaline foods which are also rich in calcium, which is necessary for maintaining strong teeth. Moreover, the sugars found in milk are much more healthy than refined sugar or artificial sweeteners, and don’t have detrimental effect on the quality of your teeth.

What you eat can have a huge impact on the health of your teeth. Stay away from the sweet stuff and embrace a diet that protects and promotes dental health! To add other oral and dental care products to your shopping cart, click here.


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