Joy Rewards work as below:

1. You become eligible for Joy Rewards after you have accumulated 2000, 4000 or 6000 points

2. You accumulate points by:
a. Registering - when you get 50 Welcome Points
b. Inviting friends and family who shop at - 135 points

c. Shopping - they get 2 x amount of order - eg, if I shop for Rs 1000, I get 2000 points

3. The Redemption works as below:
a. You need to log into your account
b. Once logged in, you need to click the Joy Rewards widget on the left bottom corner - this will bring up a summary of points
c. You can choose any of the Redeemable Awards and click Redeem
e. the Redemption Coupon Code is both displayed on the screen and sent to the your registered email id
f.  the Redemption Coupon Code can be used only once
g. once the Redemption Coupon is issued, the points balance reduces accordingly

4. Redemption amounts are as below:
a. for redeeming 2000 points, you get INR 50 discount code
b. for redeeming 4000 points, you get INR 100 discount code
c. for redeeming 6000 points, you get INR 150 discount code
General Terms of Usage of Joy Rewards
The Joy Rewards Programme is open for membership to Indian citizens above the age of 18.

The Joy Rewards Programme is for individuals only and not for corporate memberships.

The Joy Rewards Programme membership is valid for purchases on

Membership can be used by only one individual and is non-transferable.

Misuse of the Joy Rewards Programme or the programme's benefits may result in the termination of membership or withdrawal of benefits at the sole discretion of Pavitra Retail Pvt. Ltd. (PRPL).

The Joy Rewards Programme membership can be revoked or refused at PRPL's sole discretion, without notice, if a member or customer is involved in any act of fraud, cheating etc.

PRPL reserves the right to add, alter, amend and revise terms and conditions as well as the rules and regulations governing the Joy Rewards Programme without prior notice, and without assigning any reasons thereof.