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Running is one of the best exercises that I know of. It is a great cardio exercise, which reduces the chances of heart-related problems. It enhances your breathing and cleanses your lungs and other parts of the respiratory system. The sweating opens and cleans your skin pores. It is an exercise for the whole of your body and all the organs. A twenty minutes jog or run is considered to be a great exercise at the beginning of the day. But only running is not enough. It is important to rest your body and relieve it from the fatigue. The best way to do this is aromatherapy, stretching and yoga. Here are a few yogasana that will quickly let go of your fatigue in minutes.


1. Adho Mukhasana


This pose will stretch your back and relax it.




Stand with your feet hips wide apart.


Bend your waist and stretch your arms before you, touching the ground. Keep your hips high in the air and maintain a gap between your shoulders and ears.


Lift your right leg up towards the sky and form a straight line with your right leg.


Bring the right leg ahead to your chest and try touching your chin to your knees.


Bring your right leg down, keeping the toes parallel to your palms.


Bend your left knee to the ground.


Square your hips to maximize the stretch.


Hold and count till 10.


Resume your original position.


Repeat on the other side.


2. Veerbhadrasana


This pose will help to relax your hips.




Stand straight with your feet together


Keep your hands on either side, palms touching and facing your thighs.


Spread your feet hip wide apart.


Place your left foot firmly on the ground and turn your full body to your right.


Bend your right knee.


Slowly breath deep and lift your hands above your head.


Join the palms together in Namaskar mudra.


Stretch backward, without exerting your back. Fix your gaze at your fingers.


Count till 10.


Slowly exhale while bringing down your hands.


Carefully bring your knee back.


Slowly join your legs together.


Repeat for the other side.


3. Prasarita Padauttanasan


This pose helps to relieve the stress from your back. After any tough cardio, your body needs this pose.




Stand straight with your feet 3 to 4 feet wide apart. Turn the heels outwards a little wider than your toes.


Join your hands behind your back together in a fist.


Bend forward holding the fist behind your back, bringing your head down towards the ground. Shift your weight to your hips bringing them in line with your feet.


Hold the pose and count till five. Press your feet, engage your quads and inhale.


Resume your original position.


4. Virasana


This pose stretches your back and quadriceps




Kneel down on your knees.


Spread your feet a little and rest your hips on the yoga mat.


Using your hands roll your calves away from your thighs. Your toes should point behind you facing a little towards each other.


Rest your hands on your thighs, fold your hands in front of your chest in namaskar mudra. Raise the hands continuing the mudra over your heads.


Hold this position and count till 10.


5. Titali asana


This pose opens up your back and thighs.




Sit down straight on your yoga mat.


Open up your legs a bit, bend your legs in the knees, and bring them as close to your body as you can, so that it looks like an open book.


Bend a little and hold your feet. Press your knees down with your elbows.


Repeat this multiple times.


6. Viparita Karni asana


This pose relaxes your full body, especially your back.




Sit sideways and position yourself few inches away from the wall.


Exhale and swing your hips 90 degrees to bring legs up to the wall.


Rest your head and shoulders on the yoga mat and relax your arms beside yourself.


Close your eyes and relax.


Keep your legs firm up against the wall and hold the position.


These poses help to relax your body from all the fatigue and relax quickly. Burning incense or aromatic candles will help you to relax better.


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