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Pregnancy is one of the most delicate and important periods of a woman’s life. She has to do everything keeping in mind about her baby. She is supposed to stay happy, healthy, active and fit. Of course to stay healthy she cannot do her regular jogs and intensive gym workout. So what is the best way to stay fit, healthy and active during pregnancy? Yogasana. That is the best answer. Yogasana is not only an exercise it is a therapy, it helps to calm you down, to soothe you, it treats you (not that you are unwell) it also regulates your mood swings (one of the common problems with pregnant women) It also alleviates other pregnancy related problems like morning sickness and nausea, while you can always use home remedies like ginger tea, triphala juice, green tea, etc, but remember that while these are remedies, yogasana is a prevention. So if you are willing to be happy, anxiety-free, healthy, active and fit and give your baby a better environment to breath, roll out your yoga mat in your balcony, garden or just any corner of the house and start the healing process.


  1. Tadasana




Stand straight with feet spread hip wide.


Keep your backbone straight with hands resting on either side of the body, palms touching thighs, facing the body.


Stretch your arms and join them in Namaskar mudra.


Inhale deep and stretch your arms above your head.


Tilt your head backwards while maintaining your gaze on your fingers.


Count till 10.


Slowly and deeply exhale with relaxing your body and resume the original position.




Repeat 5 times.




Strengthens spinal cord, backbone and relieves from back pain.


  1. Parvatasana




Sit on the yoga mat in sukhasana or padmasana.


Raise your arms while sitting straight. Join your hands in namaskar mudra.


Keep the elbows straight.


Bring the hands close to ears.


Count till 10.


Resume your original pose.




Repeat 5 times.




Improves your posture. Relieves from back pain.


  1. Virbhadrasana




Stand straight with your feet together


Keep your hands on either side, palms touching and facing your thighs.


Spread your feet hip wide apart.


Place your left foot firmly on the ground and turn your full body to your right.


Bend your right knee.


Slowly breath deep and lift your hands above your head.


Join the palms together in Namaskar mudra.


Stretch backward, without exerting your back. Fix your gaze at your fingers.


Count till 10.


Slowly exhale while bringing down your hands.


Carefully bring your knee back.


Slowly join your legs together.


Repeat for the other side.




Repeat 5 times.




It is an asana for your entire body. Strengthens back, chest and hip muscles. Helps to strengthen lower body.


  1. Marjariasana




Kneel down on your yoga mat. Knees below your hips, palms below your shoulder.


Keep your head straight


Take deep breaths and lift your chin. At the same time push back your head slightly.


Keep your hips firm.


Exhale and bring your chin near your chest.


Relax your hips and arch the back as much as possible.


Count till 10 and resume the starting position.




Repeat this asana as many times as you can. But don’t forget to take a break in between two sets.




It enhances your blood circulation, strengthens wrists and shoulders. This asana should be restricted till the first 26 weeks  of pregnancy only.


  1. Vakrasana




Sit straight with feet stretched in front, parallel to each other.


Inhale and raise your arms at shoulder level, palms facing down.


Exhale and stretch your body from waist towards your right moving the head and hands simultaneously, to the same side.


Stretch the arms back to your best without bending your knees.


Inhale and resume your original position.


Repeat on the other side.




Repeat 5 times.




Exercises the spine, neck, legs and arms.


  1. Shavasana




Lie down straight on the floor, on your back


Close your eyes


Breath normal.


Relax your body and mind. Let all the stress and negativity go.


Take your time to relax.

Slowly get up and stand straight.




Lie down in that position for 5-10 minutes




Helps to relax. Relieve your stress and anxiety. Calms down your body and mind.

Combine yogasana with aromatherapy to pamper and treat yourself while celebrating your pregnancy.


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