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Are you a morning person? Does your day start without a moderate dosage of tea or coffee? Do you feel energetic throughout the day? If you have answered no to one or more questions above, you are at the right page. Most of us struggle to get up every morning irrespective of the fact whether it is early morning or not. Its not morning its mourning. Caffeine helps to wake you up, but it doesnt help you to get through the day. Most of the times you are tired again in the afternoon and how do you get the energy again? Another round of caffeine. Of course, caffeine has its own advantages and is argued to be beneficial for skin as well, but an excess of anything is bad. What if I tell you that if you are ready to spare just 15 minutes every morning, you can shed off your laziness, be wide awake in the morning and stay energetic without even a speck of caffeine? Interested? Here is a list of yogasana every person struggling to wake up in the morning without the help of tea coffee should practice daily and benefit out of it.


  1. Balasan




From all fours on your mat, bring your toes together and pull you hips down towards your heels.


Fold forward and rest your head on the mat and your arms on places on either side.


Relax and count till 10.




Relaxes the body, stretches the spine and strengthens the backbone.


  1. Marjariasana




Kneel down on your yoga mat. Knees below your hips, palms below your shoulder.


Keep your head straight


Take deep breaths and lift your chin. At the same time push back your head slightly.


Keep your hips firm.


Exhale and bring your chin near your chest.


Relax your hips and arch the back as much as possible.


Count till 10 and resume the starting position.




It enhances your blood circulation, strengthens wrists and shoulders.


  1. Adhomukhasana




Stand with your feet hips wide apart

Bend your waist and stretch your arms outwards, touching the ground. Keep your hips high in the air and maintain a gap between your shoulders and ears.


Lift your right leg up towards the sky and form a straight line with your right leg.


Bring the right leg ahead to your chest and try touching your chin to your knees.


Bring your right leg down, keeping the toes parallel to your palms.


Bend your left knee to the ground.


Square your hips to maximize the stretch.


Hold and count till 10.


Resume your original position.


Repeat on the other side.




Eliminates back stiffness and pain.


Wakes you up


Improves your bone density and blood circulation.


  1. Tadasana




Stand straight with feet spread hip wide.


Keep your back bone straight with hands resting on either side of the body, palms touching thighs, facing the body.


Stretch your arms and join them in Namaskar mudra.


Inhale deep and stretch your arms above your head.


Tilt your head backward while maintaining your gaze on your fingers.


Count till 10.


Slowly and deeply exhale with relaxing your body and resume the original position.




Stretches your spine and backbone.


Increases height in teenagers.


  1. Veerbhadrasana




Stand straight with your feet together


Keep your hands on either side, palms touching and facing your thighs.


Spread your feet, hip wide apart.


Place your left foot firmly on the ground and turn your full body to your right.


Bend your right knee.


Slowly breath deep and lift your hands above your head.


Join the palms together in Namaskar mudra.


Stretch backward, without exerting your back. Fix your gaze at your fingers.


Count till 10.


Slowly exhale while bringing down your hands.


Carefully bring your knee back.


Slowly join your legs together.


Repeat for the other side.




Reduces stiffness in the body making it more flexible.


Strengthens legs, arms and lower back.


Relieves stress.


From tomorrow, instead of reaching for your cup of coffee or tea, try reaching for your yoga mat. Trust me, that would be more beneficial. I am not saying tea or coffee is bad, I am just asking you to explore something new. But if you have to have something to energize your mind and awaken your body, try something herbal like green tea, oolong tea, chamomile tea which is more beneficial and less harmful.


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