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My dad always says Sun is the only God that we see and that is why we should never forget to thank Him. Actually there are more than one reasons to pray to Sun, He provides us with light, energy, and most importantly life. Surya namaskar or Sun salutation is not merely an exercise, it is a way in which we pray to Sun and thank Him. It is a very beneficial exercise. Truth be told, it is a lot more than just an exercise. It activates your body, it makes you flexible, relaxes you and strengths you. Sun rise is the best time to practice Surya Namaskar and burning a couple incense sticks to begin with will help to elevate your mood, thus awakening your body and mind. There is a lot more that Surya Namaskar does, let’s read to find out what it is.

  1. Relieves Problems Related To Respiration

Surya namaskar is a combination of 12 different asanas. One is supposed to inhale and exhale at every alternate asana. The asana makes you breath deep thus you increase your oxygen intake and optimally utilize the capacity of your lungs. It improves breathing, cleanses lungs, respiratory tract and nose. It is considered to be a very beneficial exercise for people surfing from asthma. Since it is practiced at Sunrise, you inhale pure and pollution free air reducing your chances of lung diseases like asthma and tuberculosis.

  1. Improves Blood Circulation

Regularly practicing Surya Namaskar improves the blood circulation. Blood carries oxygen to all the parts of our body, thus Surya namaskar and deep breathing activates and wakes up our body and all its organs, which in turn makes us healthy and fit.


  1. Glandular Health

Surya namaskar involves a lot of stretching of the body. It also stretches the neck and throat and thus it activates and stimulates the glands like thyroid and removes the chances of thyroid disorder and goitre

  1. Organ Health

It also helps to improve the colour and functionality of the spleen as it enables spleen to flush out the toxins and by heavy sweating and large intake of oxygen by deep breathing. It also helps to eradicate kidney trouble, strengthens stomach, lungs, spine

  1. Strengthens The Body

Surya Namaskar is a series of asanas which in turn is an exercise for the whole body. This probably is the only exercise that utilises all the body parts. Thus it strengths all the limbs like, arms, legs, back, neck, chest, spinal cord etc. It stretches the entire body, hence it also increases the height if performed properly. 

  1. Relaxes and Calms You

Unlike other heavy exercises, Surya Namaskar is slow paced and has a rhythm to it. This helps to relax the body and calms you down. It improves concentration, reduces anxiety and depression. Regularly performing this Yogasanas regulates sleep and cures insomnia.

  1. Cardiovascular Health

If performed  at a fast pace, it doubles as a cardiovascular exercise. Performing 12 fast paced Surya namaskar burn many more calories than spending 10 minutes on a treadmill. It also enhances palpitation and reduces blood pressure.

  1. Beneficial For Women

Practicing Surya namaskar regularly, helps to reduce problems related to menstruation like stomach pain, cramps and excessive bleeding. It also reduces the discomforts related to menopause. It improves the quality of ovaries. It brings a bundle of joy for pregnant women as well, it reduces the labour and childbearing-related pain, helps to get rid of morning sickness, loss of taste and appetite in a pregnant woman. Regularly practicing Surya Namaskar, also helps to improve the quality and quantity of milk in lactating mothers.

  1. Makes The Body Flexible

It stretches the whole body, awakens each and every muscle, thus it makes the body flexible shedding away all the fatigue and laziness.

  1. Other Benefits

It reduces the excess fat from the body, reduces odor from the body, removes toxins, improves and vitalizes the functioning of internal organs. Surya namaskar results into sweating which not only removes the toxins and waste from your body, it also opens your pores and cleanses them, which in turn gives you a glowing and radiating skin. It improves immunity.


Practicing Surya namaskar regularly would lead to many more advantages. A good start to the day ensures a good day. You can also light up an aromatic candle in your balcony at the sunrise and start with the first Surya Namaskar.


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