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Start Exercising now!

The new secret to stay young is to work out. Studies have shown that everyday exercises have reduced the signs of aging. We cannot reverse down the clock but we can surely delay age.

Experts say if you exercise thrice a week, you can surely delay the early signs of aging. The outer most layer of our skin is called the stratum corneum. It is the portion of the skin which we scratch, which gets the sun burn and which ages. Stratum corneum ages, gets dull and droops down. We can delay these skin problems with proper exercising.

To prove this, an experiment was conducted on few people between age group of 20 to 80. Few of them exercised thrice a week and rest led a sedantry life. After few weeks skin samples from their buttocks were collected as this portion of skin is not exposed to sun rays.

People who led a sedantry life showed results which are a self evident truth that old age skin layers irrespective of exercising are thicker than the young skin. However when the tests were don based on the exercising it showed reverse resukts. Men who were in 40’s and religiously carried their workouts thrice a week showed skin biopsies of age group 20’s and 30’s. This clearly proves that exercising really reverses your age.

There are so many exercises right from swimming to leg exercises which can help you to stay young. The earlier you start the more benefits you will reap.

As you start aging your bones become weak. It is better if you make them stronger before they lose their strength. By the age of 18, 90% of the bone mass is acquired in girls and for boys it is 20 years. Your bone mass will keep growing till the age of 30 years, however after menopause women start losing their bone density. It is therefore advisable to start your workout at the right time.

Apart from reducing body ailments like osteoporosis, diabetes and heart diseases, exercising develop the underlying muscle beneath your skin which ultimately results in skin tightening.

Anti aging tips to keep your brain young

Aging need not just be the outer skin; you also need to be active mentally. How many of us actually think about brain exercises? I am sure very few of us. Our brain is just like a machine it needs to be active for the proper functioning.

Whenever we talk about brain exercises people think of chess or solving brain teasers. However, the best brain exercise is to put on your sneakers and do the proper workout that will burn that extra lump out of your body and also keep the blood circulation proper for right functioning of our brain.

For that healthy brain you need proper aerobic exercises combined with weight training. Our brain cells called neurons are connected to each other just like branches in a tree. As we age we lose this connectivity between the cell which reduces the power of thinking and retaliation. With aerobic exercises our brain capillaries develop and results in brain benefits.

Over all nutrition

What you eat clearly shows on your face. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables gives you good percentage of anti oxidants which are important for your skin. People who take care of over all nutrition their skin shows signs of skin reversal.

Face yoga

Face yoga is the latest fad which erases years from your face. You do not have to worry about the expensive botox treatments all you need is the right yogic postures.

Face yoga relaxes and tones the muscles of your face. Tensed muscles results in wrinkles, hence it is a kind of anti stress treatment for yor skin. It gives you the right and the most  natural face lift. Face yoga eliminates fine lines, wrinkles and is ideal for skin tightening.

Make sure you perform these exercises under the right supervision and facilitator.


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