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Yoga is an interesting form of exercise and fitness combining various elements of well-being, philosophy, spirituality and health. It is all about the asanas, wellness andmind. Having evolved with time and spread all over the world, yoga is one of the most loved forms of exercises these days. Incorporating stretches and planks, it is laden with immense health benefits that have a long-term effect on the overall well-being of the person.

  1. Promotes flexibility: Practicing yoga results in increased flexibility over a period of time. It involves a lot of stretches and movement of muscles and joints. This makes people more mobile and relaxes their muscles from physical stress. Owing to the sedentary lifestyle of the era in which we live in, such flexibility is becoming imperative for some form of mobility.
  1. Aids in healing: Those practicing yoga over an extended span of time have seen positive results in their body’s healing processes. Yoga leads to better health and in-urn good healing capability and self-recovery from all the stress and tension the muscles are subjected to on a day-to-day basis.
  1. Strengthens the body: The muscles that are subjected to movement during yoga, get stronger over time. These muscles support the body and lose their soreness or tenderness. Overall body movements, strength, flexibility of joints etc. see a positive response owing to yoga.


  1. Optimises health and wellness: The long-term effects of yoga are far greater than any other form of exercise, as yoga adopts a holistic approach to well-being, targeting not just the body, but mind as well.


  1. Easy to adopt: It is easier to adopt yoga and practice it for a fairly long time span, as it comes in different forms. These forms have varying degrees of flexibility and movements. One can choose from regular to power yoga. Furthermore, it is for people of all ages and sorts.
  2. Better core strength: Yoga results in better core strength as it tones and builds the muscles of the abdomen, oblique muscles, arms and shoulders, and increases endurance and helps to adopt good postures meant for a healthy and mobile body.
  3. Leads to positivity: Since yoga combines spirituality,breathing techniques, overall health and flexibility, it leads to a euphoric state of mind. Toxins are released from the body and all that is left is peace of mind, comfort and good health.

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