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There are long term goals and there are short term goals. Most of all, the long term goals like weight loss are composed of several short term goals. Burning the fat itself isn’t a very easy task and it certainly cannot be achieved in a short span of time. If you have done some research, you might have already realized that there more to weight loss than just running continuously on a treadmill to burn fat. So, what exactly constitutes as realistic goal, and what doesn’t when it comes to losing weight?

More than you can chew, literally

Appetite has a way of getting adjusted depending upon the body’s requirements. A person with more body weight has a tendency to have a higher appetite than that of a person with lower body weight. Do not try to curb your appetite all the way too low as there are chances that appetite takes precedence to have you consume more than what is needed instead.

The metaphor should be applied also in terms of how you treat the tasks. It is hard to achieve a two-hour or twenty mile run on the very first day. Attempting any such targets will tire you on the very first day long before you can reach it. The resulting discouragement may demotivate you from taking up more tasks in the following days.

One thing at a time

Make it a habit to take up one weight loss task at a time. Minimize the amount of such tasks on each day so that plan is achievable. There has to be long and regular intervals of break between each task so that you get enough time to recover and perform the next task with full energy. Doing any exercise for weight loss without any energy doesn’t help you lose weight as the efficiency of your exercise will be lowered.


Take any statements of any person who wants to lose weight, and most probably they make use of the phrase ‘I won’t’. That may not be a good idea, as negativity will often force you to go ahead and do what you never wanted to do. ‘I will’ is what the achievers tend to say, and achiever is what you should be in your weight loss program. Using positive terms in goal setting will naturally affect you to favor the decisions favorable to your weight loss goals.

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