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After a long, tiring day a steaming hot mug of coffee is just the right picker-upper. And it’s not just because coffee is made of magic and fairy dust, it is because of the exact components that constitute coffee that it possesses the properties to boost concentration and increase alertness, even if temporarily. Choosing organic coffee over conventional coffee ensures that you always get the best quality of coffee even if it means you pay a little more. And as recent research shows, coffee helps to reduce weight and if it is organic coffee that you are drinking, you can be sure that you ingest no harmful chemicals along with your favourite beverage.

Why choose organic coffee?

Organic coffee is grown using in the most natural organic ways without the use of artificial fertilizers or chemicals. Here are a few reasons why you should choose organic coffee over conventional coffee:

  • Organic coffee is free of pesticides.
  • Organic coffee is good for the environment.
  • Organic coffee saves the indigenous population of the coffee growing areas from harmful pesticides and fertilizers in their water and soil.
  • It is guaranteed to be of good quality.
  • It tastes discernibly better.
  • Organic coffee is usually fair trade so you ensure that the farmers get their fair share.

Taking your coffee black

If you’re drinking coffee with the aim to lose weight, having it with lots of creamy milk and sugar will make your intentions redundant. There are many benefits to having black coffee including:

  • Healthy: It is calorie and sugar-free in its pure state. Drinking black coffee in the long term can reduce the risks of acquiring type II diabetes.
  • Energy: You get more energy from drinking black coffee than that with milk or cream because in its raw form it can be absorbed faster by the body.
  • Original flavour: Black coffee gives you the taste of coffee in its most natural form, in the way it was meant to be had without any additives or preservatives.


Coffee and Weight loss

The compounds present in coffee are known to help in the regulation of blood sugar, reduce the production of insoluble fats in the body and helps to enable weight loss with the help of steady exercise and a healthy diet. Organic coffee contains antioxidants called the chlorogenic acids modify the production of certain enzymes by the liver, thereby slowing down the production of glucose from the food consumed during a meal. That is, glucose is formed in a slower and more sustained manner which reduces the production of fat cells instead allows the glucose to be utilized well.

Improving metabolism rates

A lot of us can’t bear to start our day without a shot of coffee; some of us even refuse to open our eyes until we have caffeine in our bloodstream. What is really going on there is that coffee not only helps to improve our alertness and wakefulness for the rest of the day, it also helps to speed up the metabolism for the whole day. If you follow an exercise regimen where you spend a lot of time at the gym, having caffeine in your system might enable you to work out for longer and push yourself more. However, as always, everything is good when in moderation and the same goes for coffee.

Reducing your appetite

Coffee has been proven to have properties that make it an efficient appetite suppressant. That is, consuming coffee can help to reduce your appetite and prevent you from snacking in between meals or after dinner. Organic coffee can also help to reduce cravings and help to maintain a regular meal schedule.

Drink plenty of water

Coffee can in many cases cause dehydration in the body and this means that to keep your body hydrated you have to increase your fluid supply for every cup of coffee that you drink. When you drink coffee to lose weight, drinking water additionally can also help to keep your stomach full and make sure that you don’t overeat.


Keeping these tips in mind, having organic coffee in moderation can act as an effective catalyst to aid weight loss by increasing metabolism rates as well as by slowing down the digestion process. Begin your new weight loss regimen with organic black coffee that you can get from right here.


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